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Signs Of Low Testosterone In Men

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Testosterone is a man’s key to vitality, and its decline wreaks havoc in your life. Know the signs of low testosterone in men so that you can act on time.

Testosterone is a holy hormone for men, and any variation in its levels brings a day & night difference in his life.

But to prevent it, you should know the signs of low testosterone in men so that you can jump into action when it happens.

Technically it is not a life-threatening problem, and at some point in life, you might have to face it because of changing lifestyle.

Good habits can keep this hormone under control.  Still, if you face low testosterone, you can quickly reverse it with the help of natural testosterone booster supplements.

In this article, you will learn some hints and signs that will help you to self-diagnose low testosterone. So that you can bridle it very early before it could wreak havoc.

Without more words, let us get into the core of this article.

What causes low testosterone levels?

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A plethora of factors can influence the secretion of testosterone by the male sex organ. It could be the side-effect fo a therapy, an injury, or even the age could be a factor.

In the majority of the males, the main culprit was found to be stress and poor mental health. The stress hormone cortisol can interfere with testosterone metabolism to reduce its levels.

The lifestyle choice is another major factor, and it includes diet, exercise-less life, comorbidities, lack of routine, or even poor sleeping habits.

Diseases like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid malfunction, renal failure, etc. can severely affect the t-levels.

Excess smoking and alcohol use were scientifically observed as a male turn-off triggers that could instantly affect plasma levels of androgens, especially t-hormone.

What are the signs of low testosterone in men?

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Struggling in bed

This is the number one indicator of low testosterone. If it starts to get frequent, then you may want to consider visiting a therapist.

The struggle could be of various types. For example, you might not get a hard erection, or it could take ages for your penis to achieve a full erection. In some people, over time, this could turn in to erectile dysfunction.

Lack of libido is another problem you could encounter. Your sex drive might be too low, and if you find yourself withdrawn from your sex life, then it could be because of the decreasing hormone.

Decreasing semen quality & quantity

Semen quality and quantity are direct signs of testosterone health. There are other reasons as well, which could affect semen health. Still, of all, testosterone deficiency is the most prevalent.

If your ejaculation volume might be too low, i.e., less than 1.5ml, and it could mean that testosterone is decreasing.

Sperm motility and sperm numbers are the other two factors that could struggle if t-hormone goes down. But, these two parameters can only be analyzed in a laboratory.

The viscosity or consistency of sperm can also be a loose indicator that you could check to see if there is a testosterone shortage.

A decrease in muscle mass and increase in fat deposition

Testosterone helps in achieving the superior athletic performance, and muscle mass in males. If you are gaining weight faster and losing the physique, then it indicates a decline in androgen levels.

There are studies that show the relation between lowered testosterone levels and obesity in men, which indicates the importance of this hormone in lipolysis.

It can increase the protein biosynthesis, thus helps in faster muscle growth. This is one reason why athletes are more inclined towards testosterone boosters.

Fatigue and mood swings

If you are getting tired faster than usual, both mentally and physically, then there are chances that it might because of testosterone deficiency.

Physical fatigue may keep you sluggish and unenergetic throughout the day, and this might, in turn, spoil your mental mood as well.

Mood swings are often associated with females during menstruation, but in men, testosterone decline can trigger mood variation.

Lack of focus, feeling depressed, difficulty in connecting with people, lack of self-confidence, etc. are some of the behavioral changes that you can identify.

How to reverse low testosterone?

1. Testogen


From an FDA approved cGMP facility, this herbal booster product is a combination of several herbal recipes to help people suffering from hypogonadism.

It strengthens the muscle cells and helps in maintain the perfect muscle: fat ratio. Testogen has excellent lipolysis activity and reduces bad cholesterol levels, thus improving cardiovascular health.

2. Testofuel


This supplement is perfect for bridling the severe drop in t-levels by supplementing the biosynthesis with its nine ingredients formulation.

Faster recovery post-workout, intense muscle development, and improved muscle bonding capability are some of the highlights of this product. It has an excellent fat burning capability and thus helps you achieve a lean physique.

3. Testo-Max


This is an oral and non-invasive supplement on par with its competitors in the global health market and has a magical stack of natural herbs in it.

Budget-friendly and brimming with quality-driven muscle amplifying agents, this product achieves the highest safety and converging performance standards with a nutraceutical blend of organic ingredients.

4. Testolan


A sports grade booster from a reputed brand, Testolan, is a unique formula for hyper boosting the testosterone biosynthesis.

It combines the power of 11 medical-grade ingredients, which improves the bioavailability of t-hormone by freeing up the testosterone bound to protein SHBG. This way, it increases levels without actually biosynthesizing hormone.

5. Prime Male

prime male

Another monster pill that has a 12 ingredients long list of medical-grade herbs and plant products meant for male performance boosting.

Here, the testosterone supplementation helps in achieving a marathon endurance, hulk strength, and super stamina to assist you in both bed and track. The nitric oxide boosting capability is also a perk of this product.

6. Performance Lab T+

performance lab t

This brand has some of the best male performance products. Their T-booster is one of a kind supplements that works by increasing the natural biosynthesis and improving bioavailability.

It sports top quality, caffeine-free, additives-free, gluten-free, and soy-free ingredients, which has aphrodisiac and nitric oxide activity to help you excel in bed.


Low testosterone can be a devastating condition, and it affects the patient in all phases of his life.

Sexuality takes the worst hit, and it could even tumble your relationship with your partner.

Weak erection, lack of strong vigor, reduced libido, low semen count, etc. are some of the after-effects.

However, low testosterone can also affect your physical life by decreasing stamina, strength, athletic ability, adding weight, increasing fat, and decreasing muscle mass.

Testosterone is essential for your sharp mental health. A deficiency could hamper your thinking ability and quick cognition as well.

We have also listed some of the best natural testosterone boosters that could help you reverse the low levels.

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