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Performance Lab T-Plus Review: Can It Really Boost Your Testosterone?

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Can Performance Lab Sport T-Plus boost your testosterone levels? Does it really boost muscle, shed fat, and increase libido? Read our review to find out.

Can Performance Lab Sport T-Plus boost your testosterone levels? Does it really boost muscle, shed fat, and increase libido? Read our review to find out.

Guys, are you feeling a little “blah”? Are your workouts sub-par, your muscle gains underwhelming, and your energy levels lagging? Perhaps your libido is a no-show?

Sounds like your testosterone levels need a booster. Good news, there are some excellent over-the-counter supplements on the market, designed to increase testosterone and restore your male vigor.

We are taking a look at Performance Lab Sport T-Plus, a natural supplement that supports the testosterone production process.

Our Performance Lab Sport T-Plus review studies the ingredients, benefits, side-effects, consumer reviews, and a final verdict.

Can Sport T-Plus boost your muscle growth, fire-up your libido, and sharpen your focus? Time to find out.

What is Performance Lab T-Plus?

Performance Lab Sport T-Plus is an over-the-counter supplement designed for males. 

It supports testosterone (T) production and regulates female hormones.

T is the male hormone responsible for muscle growth, libido, energy levels, mental focus, and overall masculine appearance and strength.

About the brand

performance lab products

Performance Lab is a UK-based supplement company dedicated to creating natural, research-based formulas. They have two key collections: Sport and Core.

  • The Core range features general health supplements such as women’s multivitamins, sleep aids, and nootropics.
  • The Sport range, (in which T-Plus is included) focuses on muscle building, fat burning, and pre-or-post-workout supplements.

Performance Lab is transparent about their ingredients, the exact amounts, and why they have been selected. We like this, as it means you can purchase confidently, and know what you’re ingesting. What’s more, Performance Lab provides links to relevant studies to explain the science behind their ingredients.

We didn’t come across any worrisome reports against Performance Lab, and are pleased to see they back their product with a money-back guarantee.

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Sport T-Plus has a reasonably small ingredients list, with each amount clearly listed.

The first ingredient is NutriGenesis, Performance Lab’s own vitamin and mineral formulation. This has been created by seeding “live single-cell organisms” with nutrients so the organisms can process and divide. This leads to a greater population of naturally-derived nutrients the body can easily absorb.

NutriGenesis includes:

Vitamin D3+ 25mcg
Helps the absorption of calcium for healthy bones. Plus, it can boost testosterone levels and improve the quality of your sperm. 
Vitamin K1 + K2+ 25mcg
Protects the heart and bones, and can improve testosterone levels.
Magnesium+ 25mg
Helps to increase testosterone levels in men suffering T deficiency. Plus, magnesium stops T from binding with SHBG, so testosterone can travel through the body freely.
Zinc+ 15mg
Boosts levels of testosterone and supports overall health and immunity.

The other ingredients are:

Boron+ 3mg
Boosts levels of free testosterone, reduces female hormones, and may even help to treat erectile dysfunction, depending on the cause.
KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract 300mg
An ancient herb that boosts luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, both of which trigger testosterone production. Plus, it helps to regulate cortisol levels and fights free radicals before they can destroy testosterone.
D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate 300mg
An amino acid that triggers luteinizing hormone (which then triggers testosterone). Note that Performance Lab explains why their DAA dosage is smaller than other supplements and the recommended dosage. It is because higher doses can lose effectiveness over time, while lower doses support testosterone levels consistently, without having to cycle (on-off dosing) intake.
Mucuna Pruriens Extract 150mg
An herb that boosts luteinizing hormone, therefore, increases T levels.
Luteolin 30mg
Atops testosterone from converting to the female hormone estrogen. Plus, it offers antioxidant support for fighting free radicals that damage testosterone.

Interestingly, the capsules that encase the ingredients are made from pullulan made from tapioca. These capsules offer prebiotic properties, helping healthy gut bacteria to thrive.

Note that Performance Lab Sport T-Plus contains milk, which may be an allergen for some.

How does Performance Lab T-Plus Work?

  • Ashwagandha, mucuna pruriens, and D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate trigger luteinizing hormone (LH). LH then triggers the production and release of testosterone.
  • Magnesium stops testosterone from binding with the hormone SHBG, meaning more testosterone can travel through the body unbound.
  • Luteolin helps to stop T from converting to estrogen (the female hormone).
  • Luteolin and ashwagandha fight free radicals, stopping them from destroying testosterone.
  • Greater testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels lead to better muscle growth, reduced chest and belly fat, more energy, a sharper mind, and a stronger libido.

Performance Lab T-Plus Benefits

optimal testosterone levels
  • Increases testosterone production
  • Boosts muscle size and strength
  • Maximizes workouts
  • Helps to reduce chest and belly fat
  • Sharpens mental focus
  • Boosts libido
  • Easy to take every day
  • Prebiotic capsule casing
  • Antioxidant support

Real User Reviews

Because Sport T-Plus is only sold on the official site, it’s hard to find real customer reviews. However, the site does feature (mostly 5-star) customer reviews for all Performance Lab products. T-Plus customer reviews are almost all extremely positive, for example:

Great product, my son got me on these supplements as I’m getting older ( 62 ). Gives you that extra energy.

As a man over 50 I’ve found these supplements to be beneficial in terms of boosting my testosterone which has provided me with more energy and increased virility. I would certainly recommend these Supplements to all men over 50 like me who are trying to look after themselves by working out and keeping fit.

Clearly, T-Plus is effective at boosting energy levels, giving both young and “mature” guys a leg-up in the exercise and bedroom departments.

How Do I Take Performance Lab T-Plus?

Take 1-2 capsules before your workout, or with breakfast. Take another 1-2 capsules after your workout, or with lunch. Only take 2-4 capsules per day.

You could stack T-Plus with other Performance Lab supplements. For example, stack with Multi for Men for extra male health support. Or, stack it with Performance Lab Post to help the muscles to repair and grow after workouts.

Price And Where To Buy It?

performance lab t-plus supplement

You can only purchase Performance Lab Sport T-Plus from the Performance Lab website This is a positive factor as it means you can enjoy:

  • Guaranteed authentic product
  • Discounted bundles
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money-back guarantee

Sport T-Plus comes in the following packages:

  • 1 box (1-month supply): $44.00
  • 2 boxes (2-month supply): $88.20
  • 3 boxes + 1 free box (4-month supply): $132.30, with free shipping

Returns Policy And Money-Back Guarantee

Performance Lab offers a money-back guarantee with a few requirements:

  • You must take the product for 30 days, and if you are unsatisfied, your money will be refunded.
  • The refund only applies to one box.
  • You have to send back the empty container.

Is Performance Lab T-Plus A Scam?

No, Performance Lab is a trustworthy business with a transparent approach to their ingredients, research, and customer service.

Sport T-Plus has the ingredients and amounts clearly listed so you’re not blindly purchasing a veiled supplement.

Plus, they only sell from their official site so you can guarantee an authentic product and contact customer service if you’re unhappy.

Rest assured, you’re not investing in a scam when you purchase Sport T-Plus or other Performance Lab supplements.

Side Effects: Is Performance Lab T-Plus Safe For Everyone?

Performance Lab Sport T-Plus uses natural ingredients in potent-yet-safe amounts. However, even the most natural ingredients can cause reactions and side-effects, depending on the person. For this reason, it’s important to check with your doctor before taking a new supplement. Take extra care if you:

  • Are under 18.
  • Have existing medical conditions.
  • Are taking regular medications

Some of the ingredients in Sport T-Plus have reports of mild side-effects, for example:

  • Mucuna Pruriens may cause an upset stomach, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.
  • Boron may cause stomach upsets, headaches, flushing, or indigestion.

To reduce the risk of side-effects, stick to the instructions, and don’t be tempted to boost your dosage past the 2-4 daily intake.

Pros And Cons


  • Boosts testosterone
  • No caffeine or other stimulants
  • Naturally boosts testosterone levels
  • Easy to take
  • Free shipping


  • Contains milk (an allergen for some)
  • Certain ingredients may cause mild side-effects for some people

Final Verdict

performance lab t plus pills

Performance Lab Sport T-Plus is a well-formulated supplement that supports testosterone production. We’re pleased that it doesn’t contain any stimulants or worrisome ingredients, so you can take it without losing sleep, literally.

If you’re struggling with low testosterone levels that are affecting your energy levels, body composition, and focus, Sport T-Plus is a smart option. What’s more, if you find it just doesn’t do it for you, the money-back guarantee is there to protect your cash.

Why not give it a try?

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