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Proven Methods To Increase Penis Size Naturally

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When men think of boosting sexual performance, the first thought is on how to increase penis size. But is it possible? Learn about penis enlargement here.

How to increase penis size? Most men might have thought about this one question at least once in their lifetime because of the significance of size in the bedroom game.

Science divides when it comes to this argument about the size. But from an evolutionary point of view, bigger is always better.

People spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on various products to enlarge their penis. But the trick is knowing what is best for you.

Getting the right help is how you should tackle your small penis problem, and surprisingly, many of the effective choices are cheap than you would think.

In this article, we will see some of the methods to increase penis size. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the average penis size?

average penis size

While this is a highly subjective factor, science has determined the average size of penises across the globe.

Studies show that a penis in its flaccid state has an average length ranging from 2.0 inches to 3.9 inches, with a circumference ranging from 3.5 inches to 3.9 inches.

When it erects, a penis gains an average length of 4.7 inches up to 6.3 inches, with a circumference around 4.5 inches to 4.7 inches.

Most of the men have a 5-inch penis and around 4 inches of girth on average; however, depending on ethnicity, region, food habits, genetic predisposition, this size could vary.

The fact is that 45% of men are not satisfied with their penis size, which is a potential market where various enlargement products thrive.

Can you really increase your penis size?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors like individual physiology, genetics, the product you are using, etc.

But vaguely, the answer is yes. You can increase your penis size by a minimum of 0.25 inches to a maximum of 3 inches.

A lot of factors influence each unit of increase, and that is why there is a huge variation in minimum and maximum limits.

There are pills, oils, gels, etc. that can help increase the vasodilation to improve the erection while the mechanical devices work straightforward.

If you have little pain tolerance, then mechanical devices yield the best results. Sometimes pills are used along with mechanical devices to speed up the results.

How to increase penis size?

penis size


The easiest and convenient way to increase the size is by doing hand exercise. The mechanism here is more or less similar to weight lifting for muscles.

There are various exercises, but the most common are Kegel and Jelqing, both of which are sometimes recommended by doctors to address the size issue.

In Kegel, you have to identify the pelvic floor muscle during urination. Once identified, you can lie down & give exercises to those muscles.

Jelqing is a simple hand massaging that can be customized to suit you. Stretch and massage your penis gently with both hands and if it erects, halt for a while and continue.


Well, if you need a quick fix to your penis problem, penile augmentation or ligament suspension surgery is the only way to go.

You can gain at least 0.5 inches, and while the maximum is usually within the 1-inch range.

Post-surgical complications might sometime keep you away from bed game for long, and not all men gain equally with a surgery.

Also, the cost is another barrier, and a standard surgery could cost anywhere from $10k ~ $30K or more.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills are another set of male enhancement products that can be effectively used for increasing the penis size by up to 3 inches.

Some of the top-rated products can achieve the same results as an extender device, all without hours-long penis stretching.

Some of the top-rated brands are Nature XL, PeniSize XL, XtraSize, and Member XXL, all of which are organic and made from natural ingredients.

These products are safe, scientifically studied, and side-effects free. You can also get a money-back guarantee on most natural penis enlargement supplements.

Penis Extender Devices

An extender device is a mechanical contraption with an aluminum or metal frame and a plastic body.

The penis is braced inside the frame and stretched with the help of inbuilt springs or screws and held in an extended position for a few hours.

The micro-tears form and heals throughout the usage, which over time, results in a size increase.

Some of the best penis extenders are:

1. Quick Extender Pro

quick extender pro

With its double strap system and well-designed ergonomic metal body, this extender can guarantee you a decent 3 inches in few weeks of use.

2. SizeGenetics


This brand has a strong line-up of products, and with its 2800+gm spring system and MDA technology, a minimum of 2 inches are guaranteed with any of their products.

3. Jes Extender Gold

jes extender gold

This traction device is certified by CE and registered with the FDA. With its superior ergonomic design feature, you can get anywhere between 1 ~ 3 inches of gain.

4. Phallosan Forte

phallosan forte

All penis-related issues like Peyronie’s diseases, incurvate penis, and erectile dysfunction are taken care of by this device. The manufacturer claims the result in just 6 months of use.

5. Male Edge

male edge

One of the pioneer brands in the market and Male Edge is their 2012 iteration, which is clinically proven. With is 2000gm traction, you could get a 10% increase and 20o correction in angle.


Penis enlargement is possible if you get the right kind of treatment and the best-rated product.

The exercising techniques are useful in the long run, but you won’t get any immediate results with it.

Surgical options are expensive, painful and all you would gain is a few inches from your average size.

Enlargement pills are an excellent choice for adding 1 -2 inches in a few weeks of use. But make sure you get a genuine product.

When it comes to authentic penis size increment, an extender is the right device, and a comfortable 2 ~ 3 inches of size difference can be achieved in 4 ~ 6 months of regular use.

Now it’s time for you to step in try these options to increase the symbol of masculinity!

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