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How To Treat Low Testosterone Level?

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Is your masculinity huffing and puffing? Maybe it is the low testosterone to blame for, and here is how to treat low testosterone effectively and smartly.

Testosterone is an important sex hormone that completes the transformation of a male to a man. What if it is low, and how do you treat low testosterone?

This article is exclusively dedicated to those men who are suffering from a condition called male hypogonadism or low testosterone.

There are various ways to treat it, and some of them are easy and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Unless low levels are triggered by a severe underlying disease, you can treat it with ease and restore the declining masculinity.

In this article, we will explore some of the ways to treat low testosterone and also check some of the supplements that make it easier.

So, without pouring more words, let us jump right into the article.

What is the normal range of testosterone in the body?


There are no strict values assigned to testosterone levels because all individuals are different, and one man’s normal may not be the same for another.

Still, according to Mayo Clinic, a healthy male should have t-hormones within the range of 240ng/dL to 950 ng/dL.

The higher limit can go up to 1200 ng/dL according to the non-clinical standards, while in sports, this value could even reach 1500 ng/dL.

But we are concerned about low testosterone and how low is too low?

According to the Mayo lab, a value of less than 240 ng/dL is considered to be low. If it goes further down the limit of 150 ng/dL, it is considered to be a deficiency.

Symptoms of low testosterone

low testosterone

Unlike other deficiencies, it is easier to isolate the low testosterone because of its importance in daily life for a man.

The prominent symptoms are reflected in your sex life, and you would feel unenthusiastic about sex and even struggles to get a proper erection.

Even if you make it into bed, the performance will be comparably poor, and you are far less likely to ejaculate or actively participate with your partner.

In your daily life, low energy, physical weakness, sleepiness, easy fatiguing, and weight gain are some of the symptoms.

If you are quickly losing concentration, feeling less aggressive and losing self-confidence is how low hormone levels affect your mental health.

Get rapidly exhausted, and sluggishness in doing daily tasks can be an early warning sign of lowering t-levels.

How to treat low testosterone?

Medical Care

There are many ways in medicine to treat low testosterone. A skin patch is one of the standard options that people try.

A patch has testosterone alternative, which is released subcutaneously into the blood over a 24-hour time gap.

Topical gels are the next favorite, which also works using the same principle as above but applied on upper arms, shoulders, or thighs.

There is oral therapy in which testosterone capsules are placed under the tongue or the buccal cavity to slowly get absorbed into the bloodstream.

In the replacement therapy, the steroids are injected on a regular interval, and this helps the patient to temporarily get a hike, which comes down naturally over time.


This is the easiest way to increase t-levels and mostly recommended by all medical associations around the globe.

Certain foods are classically known to be a t-booster like a tuna fish, which has several fatty acids and amino acids necessary for the biosynthesis of male hormones.

Milk or other dairy products can be decent food to increase androgen secretion, but make sure you use a low-fat version of all.

Egg yolk is rich in vitamin D, and it is good for enhancing masculinity. Other foods include fortified cereals, oysters, shellfish, beans, and beef.

Exercise for Brain and Body

Exercise is one of the most underrated factors that, in fact, can increase testosterone biosynthesis by 5-fold.

Not just the body, but exercise has to be given for the mind as well because stress is a testosterone killer.

Workout daily, if not, at least, do cardio for 30 minutes. Yoga or meditation for 30 more minutes, and you are all set for a testosterone journey.

Practicing breathing techniques can help you reduce general anxiety to a significant degree, and it will promote androgen production.

Natural supplements

1. Testogen


A 100% herbal product from an FDA approved cGMP facility, and this product is a perfect remedy for people suffering from hypogonadism.

It supplies all vital nutrients necessary for testosterone biosynthesis, which helps in strengthening the muscles and improving muscle: fat ratio. Testogen can actively help in reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood.

2. Testofuel


A natural supplement that contains the three most crucial nutrients needed for testosterone production, thus restoring declining hormone levels.

This product can help you recover faster after workouts, boost muscle growth, and improve the muscle bonding for a fabulous physique. It can also accelerate fat burning, thus helping you achieve lean muscles.

3. Testo-Max


Testo-Max is comprehensive testosterone boosting supplement to empower your physical performance and attract attention.

This is a legal and safe steroid alternative that can organically aid in boosting the testosterone levels. It contains Aspartic acid and a lot more herbs that could increase the metabolism and enhance the masculinity.

4. Testolan


This is a sports grade product that can hyper boost the testosterone levels for faster muscle growth, more effortless sculpting, and quicker post-workout recovery.

There are 11 medical-grade herbs used in this product. Unlike others, here the bioavailability is increased by freeing the protein testosterone, thus ensuring enough availability in blood.

5. Prime Male

prime male

Another potent t-booster in this list, Prime Male, is a 12-in-1 capsule that combines the power of twelve medicinal herbs into a single pill.

If used regularly, you can get herculean strength, marathon endurance, and super stamina, which helps you both athletically as well as in the bed. This product can also help in improving cardiovascular health.

6. Performance Lab T+

performance lab t

Here, the body’s natural ability to synthesize testosterone is exploited, and the levels are also boosted by freeing bound hormone.

The ingredients are all top quality, caffeine-free, additives-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. The formulation has both aphrodisiacs as well as performance-boosting capabilities.


Treating low testosterone is easy, and most probably doesn’t require complicated medical treatment unless there are some serious underlying diseases.

While medical care is the best practice, the side-effects are the most significant downside.

You can exercise regularly and practice medication /yoga to give an internal boost for increase levels.

Diet is essential, and you should manage to include foods that have magnesium, vitamin D, and zinc content in it.

Lastly, natural supplements are safer and effective alternatives for medical drugs, which can get the job done without any side-effects.

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