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How To Increase Testosterone Levels?

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Worried about declining performance in life and bed? Then check this article on how to increase the testosterone level to learn the natural remedies.

Are you running low on testosterone? Then here is how to increase it without any chemical drugs!

Testosterone is an essential hormone for both males as well as females. But it matters more to men because those distinctive features that make you masculine are contributed by t-hormone.

There are hundreds of ways to increase it, for example, steroids. All you have to do it force it into your system at regular intervals, and you are going to be overloaded with t-hormone.

But all these chemical means to induce testosterone usually comes with a ton of side-effects, and that’s why we are more focused on natural ways to boost it.

In this article, we will learn some of the best and natural methods to increase the testosterone level. So, without further ado, let us jump into the crux of this article.

What is the normal range of testosterone in the body?

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Testosterone levels are often significant for determining the sexual and metabolic performance of males.

According to Mayo Clinic, a healthy adult male should have anywhere from 240 ng/dL to 950 ng/dL.

In early adults, this level could even be up to 1070 ng/dL, which is when most males complete their physical developments.

However, this range can vary depending on a lot of factors. For example, those males who have crossed their 50’s are likely to have anywhere between 215 ~ 800 ng/dL.

Theoretically, the favorable average is considered to be 670 ng/dL. But because of physical, mental, hormonal, dietary, disease, or medications, the actual value can be lower than this.

The goal is to aid your body in maintaining the healthy levels of t-hormone, either by physical, dietary, or means of supplements.

Why is it important to maintain the t-levels?

optimal testosterone levels

Undoubtedly, testosterone is one of the most essential hormones in males. It has a physical, mental, and sexual significance, which led to the rise of artificial testosterone, chemical enhancers, and natural boosters.

For a male to become a man, testosterone is the most required compound. It starts at your puberty and keeps working throughout your life.

Not just that, the distinctive traits exhibited by men, like rage, boldness, competitiveness, strength, courage, etc. is made possible by this hormone.

The muscles, cuttings in it, long-lasting stamina, herculean strength, and that sculpted physique of yours, all credits go to androgens.

The main feature of all is sexuality, which is bridled by testosterone and helps you enjoy the ultimate pleasure in mankind.

Not just that, some studies suggest that this hormone helps in maintaining the cardiovascular system, lowering levels of cholesterol, controlling diabetes, and preventing blood clotting.

How to increase testosterone levels?

Daily exercise

Exercising is the shortcut to enhance not just testosterone but all hormones in its body.

Obesity and weight gain are two main factors that lead to the decline of androgens.

When you work out daily, the stored fat is burned, and this creates a metabolic loop leading to a testosterone hike.


When the exercise is all set, diet is the next big factor to take care of. The food intake should be controlled for the exercises to be effective.

Also, including certain foods like the oyster, salmon, red meat, legumes, beans, nuts (walnut, almonds, cashews), citrus fruits (orange, grapes, lemon) helps to increase androgen level.

Generally speaking, the diet should contain lots of protein, adequate carbs, essential minerals, and vitamins.

Mental Health

Studies suggest that if you are stressed or anxious, the testosterone levels are halved due to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol.

Meditating or practicing yoga is a great way to calm your mind. Soothing songs, morning walks, savory foods, etc. can help you manage stress.

You should get help from your family, friends, partner, or from a professional to control the stress, or else it is your testosterone going to take the hit.

Frequent Sex

Well, this is a bit of a puzzling remedy. It is because the testosterone is lower, you are unable to get proper sex.

But studies suggest otherwise. If you tend to do frequent sex, then the t-levels are not going to decrease in the first place.

When you engage frequently, you are instructing your body to be ready with enough t-hormone, and this way, your metabolism won’t force the t-levels down.

Natural Supplements

1. Testogen



This 100% herbal product is a collection of essential nutrients like zinc, vitamin B6, D & K1, boron, etc.

It is made from medical grade recipes and doesn’t possess any harmful side effects and helps in trimming excess fat, improving muscle: fat ratio, and helping you boost sexual functions.

2. Testofuel


It is a popular performance booster pill that can help you refuel the lost androgen levels to help you athletically as well sexually.

It is made from 100% organic ingredients like aspartic acid, vitamin D, and oyster extract. Increased stamina, enhanced endurance, and faster post-workout recovery are the benefits.

3. Testo-Max


Testo-Max is the finest in the global market and combines multiple supplements, each having unique pro-androgenic properties to enhance your masculinity.

This product contains a nutritious blend of organic and herbal ingredients, which help banish low testosterone problems. The supplement is known to peak up its user’s orgasmic intensity within 3-6 weeks of dedicated use.

4. Testolan


Testolan is a combination of 11 potential organic recipes, which helps you perform better in bed.

Within the first few weeks, you can see the onset of results as increased libido, stronger erection, and improved stamina. The nitric oxide activity is another perk of using this product.

5. Prime Male

prime male

This here is an all-in-one testosterone booster that helps you restore all lost functions that happened due to androgen deficiency.

Made by combining the top 12 herbal ingredients into a capsule form, it helps you improve stamina, boost libido, muscle shredding, unwanted fat losing, cardiovascular benefits, and lot more.

6. Performance Lab T+

performance lab t

This product is an excellent example of a nutraceutical testosterone booster made from caffeine-free, synthetic additives free, and soy-free ingredients.

It can be used by both males and females for increasing testosterone levels, by freeing the bound testosterone, thus increasing the free-hormone in the blood.


Testosterone is super important, and you can’t make excuses when the levels go down.

Even before getting medical help, there are minor lifestyle changes that you can make to reverse this decline.

Exercise, diet, and frequent sex are the easiest remedies. If you can couple those with a stress-free life, half of the things are done.

Rest can be made possible by boosting t-levels with the help of natural supplements like the ones mentioned on this list.

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