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Guide: How to Get a Bigger Penis The Natural Way

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Bigger penises are a symbol of sexual superiority and manliness, and studies say women like it too! Learn how to get a bigger penis in this article.

Men, machismo, and sexuality, all of these are connected by one thing – The Penis. Therefore, it is an obvious question in the minds of millions on how to get a bigger penis!

Tradition, as well as science, finds a bigger penis to be an advantage when it comes to reproduction, but the same science disagrees with it as well.

However, bigger is always better, and men never stop trying to make their penis bigger.

This craving of men had created a potentially huge market, and billions of dollars flow in it every year.

We have swum on this male enhancement ocean and cherrypicked some of the best ways for you to get a bigger penis.

So, without dumping more words, let us move into the crux of this article.

What is the average penis size?

average penis size

There is no golden number when it comes to penis size. It could vary depending on your demographics, ethnicity, climate, lineage, etc.

Still, according to studies, an average flaccid penis has 2.0 inches ~ 3.9 inches length, with a girth of 3.5 inches ~ 3.9 inches.

The same when erects can grow to become a minimum of 4.7 inches up to a maximum of 6.3 inches with a girth ranging between 4.5 inches to 4.7 inches.

Getting a 6-inch penis (erect length) is often considered as a great feature by many men, but only a mere 20% of the population has a penis higher than 6 inches.

According to some studies, nearly half of men are unsatisfied with their penis size and would reach out for commercial products to increase their penis size.

If penis size is hereditary, how could you increase it once it had fully developed?

does penis size matters

The genetics behind the penis length is very complicated. However, the size indeed comes hereditary, no doubts about that!

But like any other muscles in your body, the penis can also be tuned to increase its size even after it is fully developed.

Simply put, it is an organ that behaves similar to muscles on your hands & legs. If you give work, it can evolve, and this is the primary principle used for increasing penis size.

There are both mechanical and medical methods available to increase the penis size about which we will discuss below.

However, again genetics has a small role in determining the extent of penis growth even when penis enlargement options are used.

Therefore, penis enlargement is a highly discrete phenomenon.

How to get a bigger penis?

Jelqing & Kegel

Giving exercise to your penis is one way to increase the penis size. It is a long-term process and might take years to see the result.

The working principle is similar to that of muscle building. You give a workout to penis tissue, which creates microtears, and repairing these tears will cause an increase in cell number.

Jelqing and Kegel are two recognized workout strategies. Jelqing is the technique of using hands to stretch and massage the penile shaft.

Kegel is the method of including pelvic floor muscles in a routine workout. A simple leg stretching, or crunches will do the trick, but first, you need to identify the pelvic floor muscles during urination to use it during workouts.


Penoplasty is an invasive option to increase penis length using a variety of surgical procedures.

The result is instant, and you can gain up to 1-inch with the help of surgery. However, the long recovery period from surgery is a downside.

Penile augmentation or ligament suspension are two popular choices for enlarging the penis. The skill of surgeon, hospital you chose, patient features, etc. would influence the success of this surgery.

A typical penoplasty surgery could cost anywhere from $10K ~ $30K or more depending on the location you live.

Penis Extender Devices

Extender devices are the mechanical way of increasing penis length. It consists of a metal frame and a plastic base/body which holds the penis.

There is a screw or spring on the device, which can impart a constant tension or traction on the penile shaft.

This traction creates microtears on the tissue, which, when heals, will result in increased cell number, thereby increased size.

The typical costs of a penis extender will range from $50 ~ $400, and you could use it as long as you want.

Some of the top brands include SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro, Jest Extender Gold, Phallosan Forte, and Male Edge.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Now comes the most comfortable and convenient method of increasing penis size. All you have to do is take a few herbal pills, and the results should arrive in a few weeks.

Let us see some of the top penis enlargement pills:

1. Member XXL

member xxl

This herbal pill can give you a visible 2 cm change in the initial few days and a complete change up to 9cm in 3 months of use. It is harmless and has potent nitric oxide activity to help you with erection.

2. PeniSize XL

penisize xl

A guaranteed 0.5 ~ 1.5 inches change can be achieved with this product, thanks to its superior testosterone biosynthesis capability. Various sexual characteristics are also boosted when you use this product.

3. XtraSize


If used correctly, a whopping 3 inches change can be brought with this product. It contains 100% ingredients and comes from an FDA approved cGMP facility, thus ensuring product safety.

4. Natural XL

natural xl

This supplement guarantees a thicker and longer penis in just 2- 3 months of regular use. Medically approved ingredients of Natural XL work on the nerve endings on penis tissue to increase nitric oxide activity.


Getting a bigger penis is easy, but you need to find the right strategy that will work on you.

Jelqing and Kegel are great choices if your penis goal is intended as a long-time achievement; for immediate results, exercise techniques won’t work.

On the other hand, surgical procedures can give you immediate results, but post-surgical complications might put you away from sex for a long time, plus the gain is also not worth the money you spent.

Extender devices are an excellent way to increase the size, but make sure that you get the right product for it.

Penis enlargement pills are the best way to go because of their non-invasive, side-effects-free, and effective working.

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