Functional Adaptive Sequential Testing (FAST)

FAST toolbox is now on google code. Get it here:

What it is

FAST is a Matlab toolbox for running advanced staircases. “Functional” refers to the fact that FAST operates over two-dimensional functions: (e.g., the contrast sensitivity function), where the probability of response depends on stimulus strength (e.g., contrast) and another variable (e.g., spatial frequency).

Why you might use it

When estimating thresholds as a function of another variable, rather than running multiple independent staircases (a la the method of 1000 staircases), it is substantially more efficient to rely on what you know about the underlying functions. Moreover, this allows you to sample the stimulus space more broadly. If you are interested in estimating threshold as a function of another variable, this is likely to be useful.

How to get it

Find all relevant files here:

What I want from you

1. If you try FAST, I would appreciate feedback: I have not debugged it on all systems, and you may run into glitches. If you let me know about them, I will try to fix them.

2. If you publish work done with FAST, please cite this (for now):

Vul, E. & MacLeod, D.I.A. (2007) Functional Adaptive Sequential Testing (FAST). Presented at the European Conference on Visual Perception, Arezzo, Italy, 2007. [pdf]