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Do Penis Extenders Work?

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Penis size is the symbol of masculinity, and that’s why you need a penis extender to increase it. But, do penis extenders work? Find it out here.

Ever since the dawn of human beings, it was believed that masculinity is all about the penis and its size.

Though they are some contradictory studies, men still believe in a bigger penis for satisfactory sex life.

In fact, practical life is the best example to justify why you might need a bigger penis and how it would influence your bedroom performance.

This quest of mankind led to the rise of the male enhancement segment in the wellness market, and today, it’s a multimillion-dollar market.

There are so many tips & tricks that are believed to increase your penis size, but none of them would grant you a penis extender like performance.

Penis extenders are great, but what all do you know about it? Do penis extenders work? Are they safe? What are some of the best penis extenders?

Well, let us answer all these questions here in this article and give you a helping hand in finding the best fit for you.

So, without further ado, let us jump into the core of the article.

What is a penis extender?

Penis extender

A penis extender is a device worn on the penis to increase its size (both length and thickness).

It works using a principle called traction, in which a constant amount of force is applied on the penis to stretch it for an extended time.

This method of penis size enlargement is painless, non-invasive, safe, and side-effects free such that it is medically used for therapeutic purposes as well.

It is more like wearing braces on your teeth to adjust the position; here, the stretch created by the device is converted into size increment.

Not just penis size enlargement, but a penis extender can be used for multiple applications like penile curvature correction, treating Peyronie’s disease, rejuvenating penile muscles, etc.

A penis extender has lots of accessories to improve the user experience, like a strap-on belt, comfort pad, cushions, etc.

One good thing about a penis extender is that it is equally effective in all age categories irrespective of penis anatomy.

Do penis extenders work?

bigger penis


Penis extenders work fine, and they would give you some obvious results as well.

The simple physics behind a penis extender is to use tractional force to stretch the penile tissue for an extended period.

This constant force of traction would result in micro-tears on the penile tissue, which over time, would heal to add cell mass.

Microtears are tiny cellular damages at a microscopic level and are painless. This damage and repair, when done for an extended period, results in a size difference.

According to some of the popular brands, users have reported a size difference of up to 3 inches after using penis extenders.

From a mechanical point of view, they are skeletal structures resembling a leg brace and are made from plastic with a stainless steel/aluminum frame.

A tension spring or screws are present on these devices, which could be manually adjusted to vary the amount of traction on the penis.

It might take anywhere from 3 months to a year for a complete result, which depends on a lot of individual factors.

Are penis extenders backed by research?

There are hundreds of studies regarding the efficiency of penis extender in increasing the length of a penis.

In a study published in the Journal of Sex Medicine, 2011, the researchers have observed a 30% increase in the mean penis length when stretched.

Not just that, several studies have reported the effect of penis extenders on improving the erectile function of the penis.

A study published on Wiley- Blackwell, 2009, suggests that men who used a penis extender for 6 months had a 32% increase in flaccid length and a 36% improvement in erectile capability.

A group of researchers from the University of Turin, Italy, compared various penis extension options and concluded that penis extenders are the best non-invasive procedure in the current medical world to increase penis length.

Prof. Gontero published a paper in the Journal of Sex Medicine, 2009, in which it was found that penis extenders were effective in correcting a 50o penile curvature with ease.

What are some of the best penis extenders in the market?

Below mentioned are the best penis extenders we have found for you from the internet.

1. Quick Extender Pro

quick extender pro

From Innovatech Designs based on the US, this extender is an excellent piece of modern engineering with a guaranteed 2 – 3 inches of increment.

Double Strap System (DSS) in this device ensures the utmost comfort to the user, and 4000g spring load will deliver superior stretching.

2. SizeGenetics


This Demark based product is a well-engineered penis extender that delivers a 13% size change in just 8 weeks.

SizeGenetics is FDA approved and medically endorsed. 2800g spring system with 3M comfort plaster will ensure safe stretching.

3. Jes Extender

jes extender

Jes extender is the most reliable penis extension product in the market. It helps in the natural improvement of the length and curvature of your penis.

The device is clinically tested to enhance the blood flow towards your sex organ. It can be worn with any discomfort, thanks to its ergonomic design aspect.

4. Pro Long System

pro- long system

This product has a 14 years long reputation in the field of penis extenders, and most of their research studies are published in scientific journals.

With a ring system for tension, this product creates a gradual cellular differentiation on par with the body’s natural metabolism.

5. Phallosan Forte

phallosan forte

From the house of Swiss Sana AG, this German engineering marvel has CE, CCC, and ISO certification.

A comfortable 2-3 inches are guaranteed for regular users, and this device is also capable of treating Peyronie’s disease, incurvate penis, phimosis penis, and many more.

6. Male Edge

male edge

This second-generation penis extender is from the house of DanaLife APS based on Denmark, which has one of the best ergonomics.

This budget-friendly device has a minimalistic design and can be worn under your pants without any bulkier impressions.


penis extender

So yes, penis extenders work as they claim, and the science behind it very simple to understand.

It’s all about stretching, microtears, and healing. The process takes part in cycles and might take a few weeks to give an initial set of results.

Some penis extenders even claim 3 inches of length increment, and as per the studies, it is in fact, possible.

Make sure that you get a penis extender with variable traction so that you can fine-tune the level of stretch you need.

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