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5 Best Semen Enhancement Pills That Make You Cum Like A Porn Star

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Do you know that there are safe pills to increase your semen volume? If not, here are the best semen enhancement pills to spice up your life.

Male sexuality is all about the game of hormones belonging to a class of molecules called androgens.

If any one hormone is at strike, then the whole body is affected, and male sexuality takes the worst hit because of it.

That is why male enhancement supplements are so much popular, and every year hundreds of products are released targeting male sexuality.

It wasn’t until the late ’90s does masculinity enhancement products got such a reception in the mass public.

Mostly nutraceuticals supplements are favorite due to their side-effects-free action, but people tend to prefer pharmaceutical drugs for faster response.

There are various traditional approaches to boost male sexuality, but only a few of them subjected to scientific studies.

In this article, we are meeting one such male enhancement product category that helps in boosting semen, i.e., its quality, volume, delayed-release for maximum action, sperm density, etc.

Without pouring more words, let us explore the best semen enhancement pills in the current market.

Best Semen Pills To Increase Ejaculation Volume [NEW Edition 2021]

1. Semaxin


Semaxin is a male fertility supplement that is dedicated to improving semen quality.

Manufactured and operated by Key Player Limited based on the US, this product comes from a reputed brand.

Spermatogenesis (production of new sperms) significantly determines the quality of the semen and chances of fertility.

This product stimulates the seminiferous tubules to produce more healthy sperm, thereby increasing its density in semen.

Not just that, Semaxin can take care of your sperm health with its antioxidant activity and prevent oxidative stress.

Tribulus Terrestris in this product can increase testosterone production, thereby improving your sexual desire and sharpening the libido for a faster and rock-hard erection.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, astragalus extract, vitamin complex, tribulus, saffron extract, ashwagandha, and a bunch of other herbal ingredients makeup this formulation.

The in-house scientists have conducted studies to assess the potential of this formulation and its safety aspects, which adds authenticity to Semaxin.

What I like about this product?

  • An all-in-one product dedicated to semen quality, which can also enhance other aspects of male sexuality like libido, erection strength, retention time in bed, etc.
  • All the ingredients are herbal extracts, and the formulation is organic as well. This eliminates all side effects and adverse health impacts.
  • The manufacturers have done clinical studies to assess the efficacy, safety, and viability of the product before releasing it into the market.
  • Semaxin features some of the top-rated male enhancement ingredients like N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, astragalus extract, and Bioperine.
  • 90 days money-back-guarantee assures a full refund if the user is unsatisfied with the product.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • With an additional $10 shipping costs, this product is slightly on the pricier side, especially if you don’t get any offer along with it.
  • A lot of fake Semaxin like products are prevalent in the market; so, you cannot rely on purchases made from e-commerce sites. Try buying from the official page.

2. Volume Pills

volume pills

Volume Pills is a male sexual performance enhancer with the ability to boost the ejaculation and its associated effects, thereby granting you the ultimate pleasure in bed.

This product is engineered to be the elixir of sexual pleasure, which can take care of multiple factors apart from semen health.

This product increases the ejaculation load by up to a whopping 500% and delays the orgasm to give you more time on bed with your partner.

The secret formulation of this supplement reduces the oxidative stress on sperm-producing cells and also helps in widening the blood vessels towards the penis.

As a result, more nutrients reach the sperm factory and improves the fertility of sperm along with its volume.

There are more than a dozen ingredients in this product, most of which are adopted from Chinese herbal medicine, which is thousands of years old.

Not just that, the manufacturers have done clinical lab studies to scientifically prove the worth of this product.

What I like about this product?

  • The best formulation in the current market, and it can improve the ejaculation load by up to 500%, which means improved fertility.
  • This supplement can boost the libido, sharpen libido, give you more control over ejaculation, improved retention time, and more frequent erection.
  • Some of the ingredients like Dong Chong Xia Cao can help in boosting testosterone production.
  • Vasodilation created by this supplement can increase the blood flow into the penis, and as a result, you get a solid erection.
  • 67 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • You cannot buy this product from a mortar and brick store.
  • Price tag slightly on the costlier side, especially if you don’t get an offer.

3. Semenax


Semenax is a semen pill that can massively boost the ejaculation load for intense sexual pleasure.

Designed and operated by Leading Edge Health based on Canada, the production team follows stringent guidelines set by FDA, and entire manufacturing happens in a cGMP facility.

You will get a long-lasting vigor, which will let you spent more time on bed with your partner with the same intensity as you’ve started.

The climax is heightened because of the extreme nutrient supplementation, thus granting you the ultimate pleasure of sex, which benefits both you and your partner.

Some of the rare ingredients like Swedish flower for testosterone boosting and Butea Superba for libido makes this a one of a kind product.

Manufacturers conducted a double-blinded study and observed that Semenax pills boosted the ejaculation volume by 20% than usual with heightened orgasm.

What I like about this product?

  • A superior and well-engineered herbal product that gives you a decent ejaculation boost and an excellent orgasm.
  • All the claims are clinically studied and verified by qualified scientists to add authenticity to this product.
  • Features Swedish flower in the ingredient list, which increases the biosynthesis of the male sex hormones.
  • The semen quality is boosted from the physiological level by improving the seminal fluid, prostate secretion, seminal plasma, and bulbourethral fluid.
  • Nitric oxide activity is also decently good in this product, thanks to L-arginine on the list.
  • 67 days money-back assurance is offered if in case you don’t get the benefits they claim.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • Lacks an antioxidant agent in the ingredient list, which is common for semen pills; however, other rare ingredients make this a worthy product.
  • You cannot buy this product from a mortar & brick store. The availability is limited to the official website.

4. Spermax Control

spermax control

Spermax Control is a supplement that gives you a great level of control on the sexual aspects to grant you an extended pleasure.

Most of the males tend to ejaculate faster when aroused, which would ruin the fun for their partners.

With Spermax Control, you can have a vigor as intense as it started, for at least 30 minutes (some users reported even 45 minutes of retention time).

This product, like all other semen pills, isn’t just one or two ingredients, but a dozen potential herbal medicines which are traditionally used for ages to combat various sexual problems.

From the house of TWC Holdings LLC, this product is no different from their other supplements in terms of quality.

Sporting some exotic herbal components like Brazilian ginseng, Guarana, Lovage, Ashwagandha, etc. this is a complete sexual performance booster in the pack.

Users can enjoy strong libido, desire to engage in sex, tighter & faster erection, massive ejaculation load, improved sperm density in semen, and innovative sexual ideas to make the session more engaging.

What I like about this product?

  • Spermax Control is a general sexual performance enhancer that can help in preventing premature ejaculation.
  • Apart from that, this product is an excellent ejaculation pill to improve the quality of semen and sperm density in it.
  • Boasts 18 ingredients capsule to take care of multiple sexual wellness aspects with just 2 capsules per day.
  • All the ingredients are approved and clinically studied herbal products in a unique composition, which doesn’t trigger any unwanted side effects.
  • You get the first bottle for free, and the price tag is affordable as well.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • None of the clinical data are published on the product website. However, diligent users can dig it up from the parent company’s website.
  • No money-back guarantee, but the standard 14-days return policy is applicable.

5. Maxatin


This newcomer is an excellent semen pill that boosts the load by up to a massive 500% in people with hypospermia.

This Malta-based company is no different from others on this list, but the concoction of ingredients follows a new design theme, which makes this product on par with top brands.

The full effect of the pill can be seen in 8 ~ 12 weeks, while some of the top brands might take up to 6 months for the same effect.

Not just semen boosting, but this product can help you fine-tune the sexual desire, get frequent & faster erection, give you stronger vigor, and preps your system to get multiple erections.

Intensive lab testing and clinical studies have been completed before releasing Maxatin into the market.

With nine medical-grade herbal ingredients onboard, this product is 100% safe for extended usage.

What I like about this product?

  • Even though a newbie company, there manufacturing & marketing policies like ethical farming, renewable resource orientated production, international standards, etc. makes them a winner.
  • Gives a 500% boost in ejaculation load that too fortified semen for higher virility.
  • The formula is well studied and clinically tested to rule out any side effects or adverse health impacts.
  • Currently been sold for promotional pricing, and you can bag a great deal if purchased in bulk.
  • Endorsed by hundreds of certified users and famous doctors like Elmund Roger.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • The market visibility of this product is low since they are new, but the users who tried this product in promotional deals give a thumbs up.
  • No money-back-guarantee offered at this point, but the standard return policy is available.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Does semen pills work?

Yes, semen pills work like any other herbal supplement on the male enhancement market.

The working mechanism is a straight forward technique. These products supplement the necessary nutrients needed for the proper working of male sex organs.

When some nutrients are supplied in excess, the results are elevated, while some of the nutrients should be maintained in the right proportion.

Manufacturers spend a hundred thousand dollars in research to find the right mixture of various herbal ingredients into a capsule form.

Increasing testosterone, vasodilation, helping the working of testis, protecting sperms from oxidative stress, regulating certain neurotransmitters in the brain, and improving blood circulation are some of the working mechanisms of semen pills.

2. Are semen pills safe?

Yes, semen pills are 100% safe inside the human body because of the herbal nature of ingredients used in manufacturing.

All ingredients are graded, evaluated, and scientifically studied for their medicinal property.

In-house scientists in each company would carefully devise a formulation to accommodate maximum benefits.

Ample clinical studies are done before releasing these capsules into the market to rule out any adverse impacts.

All brands mentioned on our list manufacture their products in a cGMP facility following the guidelines and standards set by FDA.

3. Who should buy semen pills?

Semen pills can be used by two categories of people. One, those suffering from issues like low semen volume, premature ejaculation, weaker erection, and erectile dysfunction.

With these semen pills, all the above conditions are reversed back to normal, thus enabling them to lead a pleasurable sex life.

The second category is those men who need an extra bit of spice in their bedroom game.

Most semen pills would sharpen the libido, heighten the orgasm, and improves the ejaculation retention time to have an extended session on the bed.

Even those looking for a general-purpose sex booster can safely use a semen pill to bag some extra advantages.

4. What are the results you can expect while using semen pills?

Semen pills help you increase the volume and quality of your ejaculation load, thus improving your fertility and pleasure.

Within a few days of use, you will notice the stronger and thicker erection of the penis due to the nitric oxide activity, while the orgasm starts to feel more rooted.

Hitting 1 ~ 2 weeks of use, you will see that your retention time is slightly improving than previous.

When completed the one-month milestone, you should have significantly increased your ejaculation load and should be able to hold semen release for at least 10 minutes.

Depending on the brand, it might take 3 ~ 6 months for the full effects; by then, the retention time might have increased by 30 minutes, and the ejaculation load should see about a 100% to 500% hike.

5. Are these results permanent?

Results could stay permanent as long as you continue to use the semen pills.

These supplements supply the necessary vital nutrients & compounds that your sex organ needs.

If the supply is lost, things might go back to usual. But if you continue using this product, you will see full effects throughout.

Since these are herbal products, you don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects as well.

6. What are the ingredients that you should look for in semen pills?

Different brands use different key compounds to boost the semen volume, but the properties often remain the same.

Protecting the sperm cells from oxidative stress is one crucial property needed, and secondly, supplying all cofactors & biomolecules needed for sex hormone synthesis.

L-arginine and citrulline are two ingredients that should be there for nitric oxide activity.

Apart from that, tribulus or maca root extracts are needed for testosterone biosynthesis.

Compounds like horny goat weed or saw palmetto can help in boosting sexual vigor and improves orgasm.

7. Do semen pills cause any side effects?

No, semen pills don’t trigger any side effects because it is made from herbal extracts and other plant products.

Semen pills are classified under nutraceutical supplements because it lacks a chemically active ingredient in it.

Instead, all actions by this pill are due to the direct effect of the herbal compounds in them.

Because of this reason, semen pills are safe to be used as a food supplement, which has a lot of physiological implications.

Also, scientists and nutritionists have done enough clinical study to assess product safety.

8. What are the benefits of semen pills?

Semen pills are an excellent way to boost the semen volume, quality, sperm density, and overall fertility.

Also, you can use this supplement to enhance your overall sexual well-being, thus granting you the ultimate performance in bed.

The ejaculation load can be increased by up to 500%, which significantly improves your fertility; at the same time, semen pills gives you excellent control over release as well.

Since this is an herbal product, you don’t need any prescription or doctor’s consultation to procure and use this product.

9. What else can I do to increase my sperm count?

Fruits and vegetables are the easiest hacks to improve your overall sexual performance.

Taking a diet consisting of nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds), citrus fruits (organs, lemons, grapes), whole wheat, fish, dark chocolate, etc. can significantly improve your sperm count

Stress is a critical factor that can adversely affect sexual health and especially the sperm count and semen volume.

Doing yoga/meditation and getting physically active will help you reduce the blood pressure and thereby stress & anxiety.

Having frequent sexual intercourse was found to be an excellent natural remedy to rejuvenate the sperm-producing cells to increase sperm count.

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