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5 Best Premature Ejaculation Pills That Increase Your Sexual Performance

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Premature semen release is one of the common sexual disorders in males. But here are the best premature ejaculation treatment pills to help you combat it.

Male fertility is an emerging field in medical science, and a whole range of supplements, wellness products, and pharmaceutical products have arrived in the past 20 years.

In a US-based survey, it was found that 59% of men in the age group of 35 ~ 60 rely on some kind of male enhancement product to improve their sex life.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem after 40 years, and with age, problems like premature ejaculation, deteriorating semen quality, infertility, etc., would arrive.

Mostly sexual health problems are often kept silent by many people due to the taboo nature of the issue.

Because of this reason, most of these problems are often not treated, or people would randomly go behind advertisements and online products.

But the good news is that male fertility problems in the majority of cases won’t be severe and can be treated at home using male enhancement supplements.

In this article, we will meet some of the best premature ejaculation treatment pills that help to rectify the penis issues for pleasurable sex life.

Without stuffing more words, let us move into the crux of the topic.

Best Supplements To Treat Premature Ejaculation [NEW Edition 2021]

1. Semaxin


Semaxin is a male fertility enhancer that helps to impart an exceptional level of control over ejaculation while boosting sexual features.

This product is manufactured by Key Player Limited based on the US, they have a wide range of male enhancement products manufactured in a cGMP facility.

The primary aim of this product is to increase the semen volume per ejaculation to improve male fertility.

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants constitute the primary nutrients of this product, which help to improve the blood flow and boost the nerve signaling to the penis.

The above said physiological changes help you delay the ejaculation while increasing the semen volume and sharpening the libido in the process.

Overall, this is a male sexual enhancer that gives you the ultimate orgasm and bedtime to enjoy the moments.

Testosterone levels are boosted, which helps in the spermatogenesis process for improving the quality of semen.

N-acetyl-L-cysteine, astragalus, vitamin complex, tribulus, saffron extract, and ashwagandha are the major ingredients.

What I like about this product?

  • A dedicated sexual performance booster for men that helps to increase the semen volume, strengthen the erection, and heightens the libido.
  • 100% side effects due to the herbal nature of the ingredients, and you can buy this product without a prescription.
  • Ample research study has been done by the manufacturers to clinically prove the advantages of this product.
  • Features N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, which is an excellent antioxidant that helps to produce healthy sperms.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • The price tag is slightly on the higher side along with additional shipping charges, but the results are guaranteed and worth it.
  • A lot of e-commerce websites sell this product, and you are likely to fall prey from buying a fake Semaxin. Avoid this by making purchases from the official website.

2. Spermax Control

spermax control

An all in one male sexual performance booster that will give more time in bed and heightens the orgasm to make the moments special.

Manufactured and operated by TWC Holding LLC based on the US, this is a product of international standards with guaranteed safety.

Spermax Control, as the name suggests, helps you control ejaculation, and also increase the load of semen; more the sperm, more the climax time.

Not just that, it has L-arginine and maca root extract in it, which helps to enhance the erection because of the nitric oxide activity.

Ashwagandha, Asian ginseng, Brazilian ginseng, and oats can take care of the testosterone levels to metabolically boosts your stamina.

There are about 18 such ingredients in this product that will fine-tune your libido, pump your desire, and boost your performance.

The manufacturers claim up to 30 minutes long sex with this product, which will help you with some intense moments to satisfy your partner.

What I like about this product?

  • A great ejaculation booster pill with erection control, libido sharpening, and orgasm tuning abilities to make your session more pleasurable.
  • The parent company is well known and has been working on male enhancement products for a while, which makes this product one of a kind and top quality.
  • It contains 18 active ingredients, which is by far the most number of ingredients in an ejaculation booster, which gives this product more fortifying effects.
  • Since made from plant products and scientifically studied, you can use it without the fear of any side effects.
  • Affordable price tag, and you can receive a free bottle for the first use.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • No money-back-guarantee, but there is 14 days return policy on damaged goods.
  • Scientific data regarding the product is not displayed on the website, but you can reach out to the parent company’s website to dig it up.

3. Climax Control

climax control

Climax Control is a premature ejaculation pill that can help you sustain in bed for a longer time and help you hold the semen release.

When the ejaculation is purposefully delayed, you get to feel the in-depth moments of sex and get time to satisfy your partner equally.

The ingredients help with the blood circulation into the penis, and this means you get a full rock-hard erection.

Manufacturers claim up to 30 minutes of sex time, and some of the users review even claim 35 ~ 45 minutes with this product.

The unique formulation of Climax Control helps to regulate your serotonin level, which is a crucial molecule in erection, libido, and ejaculation.

The onset of activity arrives in less than 1 week in the majority of users, if two capsules are used daily.

Sharpened libido, faster erection, delayed ejaculation, intense orgasm, and rock-hard erection are some of the benefits of this product.

What I like about this product?

  • Climax Control is an herbal formulation that helps you control the orgasm and prevents the premature release of semen.
  • The herbal nature of this product makes it side effects free, and ingredients are well studied & documented components that are traditionally used in herbal medicine.
  • You can get anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes of increased bedtime, which varies depending on the individual factors.
  • Libido is boosted, orgasm is heightened, semen quality is improved, and ejaculation volume is also increased as a result of Climax Control pills.
  • You don’t need a doctor’s prescription or consultation before buying this product.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • There is no money-back guarantee on this product, but manufacturers offer 14 days return policy.
  • The testosterone boosting capability of this product is slightly on the weaker side, but nitric oxide is strong & effective.

4. ProSolution Plus

prosolution plus

If you are looking for a well-designed and clinically proven sexual performance enhancer, then ProSolution Plus is the right choice.

From the house of LeadingEdge Health, this is a product made with international standards set by agencies like FDA and CE.

ProSolution Plus can help you control the semen release and prevent premature ejaculation.

According to the clinical studies conducted by the manufacturer, it was observed that 64% of their test subjects had a complete reversal of premature ejaculation within 8 weeks of use.

Not just that, around 67% of test subjects reported an improvement in erectile quality, 48% of users claimed an overall boost in sex life, and 78% of ProSolution Plus users were completely satisfied with this product.

Some of the major ingredients include tribulus, ashwagandha, asparagus, mucuna, asphaltum, and curculigo orchioides.

What I like about this product?

  • Clinically proven product with an ample amount of time spent on research and surveys to assess its relevance and efficacy.
  • Studies suggest that 64% of users reported an improvement in their premature ejaculation problems.
  • This product is endorsed and approved by doctors to improve sexual health.
  • The parent company is top-rated and holds a considerable market share in the male enhancement genre.
  • 67 days money back challenge to ensure unsatisfied users get their money back.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • This product is more of an overall sex health booster than an ejaculation tonic.
  • Not sold through mortar and brick store.

5. RizerXL

rizer xl

RizerXL is a powerful ejaculation pill that helps to prevent premature ejaculation, at the same time, increases the volume of semen in each release.

This pill works by increasing the blood flow into the corpora cavernosa of the penis to give a solid and firm erection.

It contains a dozen ingredients, all of which help in boosting the libido, improving erection quality, increasing testosterone levels in the blood, and regulating serotonin.

Because of the metabolic effects of RizerXL, the user experiences an increased sexual stamina and retention time in bed, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the moment.

Vitamin E & B3, horny goat weed, hawthorn berry, damiana, muira puama, gingko biloba, tribulus, saw palmetto, inosine, arginine, cayenne, oats, and soy constitutes the major ingredients.

Spermatogenesis is fortified by the vitamins and amino supplemented by this product, which improves sperm health and increases fertility in males.

What I like about this product?

  • A dozen plus ingredients are carefully concocted into a capsule format, which helps to improve male fertility.
  • This product helps in enhancing the erection, improving sperm quality, and preventing premature ejaculation.
  • Has been featured in many men’s health magazines and websites due to its efficient working and linear results in users.
  • Made in a cGMP facility in the US approved by the FDA, which follows international standards in production and distribution.
  • RizerXL can supercharge your sexual vigor and desire to impart an excellent bedroom performance.
  • 60 days money guarantee for unsatisfied users.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • None of the scientific & clinical data regarding the supplement is displayed on the website, but the client testimonials help to determine the efficacy and safety of the product.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Does premature ejaculation pills work?

Yes, premature ejaculation pills work just like any other male enhancement supplement.

These pills supplement vital nutrients that help the body rejuvenate at a faster pace and improve the metabolic processes of sex.

Also, they improve the libido and heightens orgasm, thus granting you complete sexual performance enhancement.

Mainly these pills target the nitric oxide activity of the user and regulate the neurotransmitters that help in initiating sexual desire.

The main aim of a premature ejaculation pill is to prevent the early release of semen, which is made possible by strengthening the erection, and also the volume of release is increased to improve the fertility.

2. Are premature ejaculation pills safe?

Yes, premature ejaculation pills like the ones mentioned on our list are 100% safe and medically tested.

All these products are herbal formulations, which contain nothing more than a few plant extracts.

Therefore, all worries regarding adverse health impacts can be dismissed.

Plus, manufacturers spend a good amount of time in research and clinical studies to rule out any unforeseen effects of ejaculation pills.

Authorities like the FDA and CE have strict guidelines and standards regarding manufacturing and distribution, which adds quality to the products.

3. Who should buy premature ejaculation pills?

People suffering from erection problems like erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature release are the target population.

However, modern-day ejaculation pills are all-in-one products that can take care of multiple sex-related issues at once.

For example, ProSolution Plus mentioned on our list can reverse the premature ejaculation problem, while strengthening the erection, boosting libido, increasing sperm quality, and delaying climax for more bedtime.

So, if you need a general sexual performance booster that can treat premature release problems, then a premature ejaculation pill might be just the right thing that can give you a proper kick.

4. What results you can expect while using premature ejaculation pills?

Obviously, premature ejaculation will disappear within a few weeks of use.

Initially, you will notice the change in the erection pattern, which gets stronger over time.

After a point, the erection is sustained for a longer duration along with boosted libido for you to enjoy more in bed with your partner.

You would also notice frequent stimulation (erections) and stronger sexual desire than previous as an effect of premature ejaculation pills.

5. Are these results permanent?

It depends on several factors. Say you are a healthy male with simple hormonal imbalance causing premature semen release.

Using these pills would help you restore your lost potential, which could permanently stay with you even when the supplement is discontinued.

However, if the ejaculation problem is because of a metabolic disorder, then discontinuing the capsules might wear off the results that you have achieved.

So, identify the root cause of your ejaculation problem and using these supplements for an extended period would not cause any trouble at all, rather improves your sex life.

6. What are the ingredients that you should look for in a premature ejaculation pill?

Different brands of premature ejaculation pill sport different herbal ingredients in them.

But always makes sure that your product has a nitric oxide (NO) supplement in them, which helps with vasodilation like L-arginine, citrulline, or maca root extract.

Another critical component that you should look for in this category of products is a testosterone supplement.

It helps in regulating the hormonal balance for enhanced libido and vigor like saw palmetto, ginseng, tribulus, etc.

One or more ingredients must be focused on improving the quality of sperm released, which is, in fact, the most crucial component in a premature ejaculation pill.

7. Do premature ejaculation pills cause any side effects?

No, premature ejaculation pills won’t trigger any side effects or adverse health impacts.

First of all, these are not your average therapeutic drugs, instead a well-engineered herbal formulation that combines the goodness of multiple herbal medicines into a capsule format.

Since a synthetic chemical ingredient is absent in these products, chances of deadly side effects are zero.

To the worse user might get a stomach upset due to intolerance of some herbal products, which is also rarely reported.

Apart from that, premature ejaculation pills 100% safe and side effects free.

8. What are the premature ejaculation pills benefits?

There are a number of benefits for premature ejaculation pills. Firstly, they help in overall sexual health enhancement.

Secondly, the erection becomes rock hard, and penis health is improved without the need for steroids or harmful chemical drugs.

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to procure or use these products, which makes it easily accessible.

Most of these premature ejaculation pills work just as promised because these herbal ingredients are traditionally used for ages.

You get a money-back guarantee on herbal supplements, to uphold the customer privilege.

9. What are the other methods to improve sexual performance?

Stress-busting is the one way to naturally boost sexual health, which in fact can accelerate the effect of premature ejaculation pills as well.

Yoga or meditation is an excellent way to achieve a stress-free mind for a healthy body.

Including more veggies and fruits in the diet can improve nutrient flux, which helps the functioning of testis and results in healthy sperms.

Making necessary ambiance arrangement can significantly improve the quality of sex, create a stronger erection and helps to tone your mood.

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