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4 Best Penis Enlargement Pills That Make Your Penis Bigger And Harder

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Penis size is a classic concern of masculinity, and here are the best penis enlargement pills for non-invasive size increment. Learn more here.

There is a long-standing debate in the sex-wellness segment regarding the penis size and pleasure index of the partner.

One group of scientists reached the conclusion that size is just a mere number, and it has nothing to do in the bed.

While a good majority of experts still believe that the mere size specifications of the penis actually do help in the bed.

Even from an evolutionary point of view, bigger is always the better. That is why a massive market for penis enhancement is growing parallelly with the medical industry.

Starting from painless pills, mechanical extenders, implants, etc. there are even complicated phalloplasty surgeries to increase the penis size.

In this article, we are reviewing some of the best penis enlargement pills which will help you combat the size problem of your masculinity!

Without pouring more words here, let us move into the core of this article.

Best Penis Enlargement Pills [NEW Edition 2021]

1. Member XXL

member xxl

Member XXL is a safe, non-invasive, and effective method to increase the penis size for pleasurable sex.

This product is manufactured and marketed by Key Player Limited based on the United Arab Emirates and has an extensive network of customers all around the globe.

The manufacturer guarantees an increment of 2 cm in the first few days of use, which can then increase up to 9 cm over a span of three months.

This product has found to be effective in 88% of test subjects in a clinical study conducted by in-house scientists.

L-arginine, Fenugreek extract, Palmetto, Panax ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Chinese magnolia fruit, Saffron, and Black pepper are the ingredients that make this product stand out in the crowd.

The basic working is by increasing the testosterone level in the body, which is a crucial androgenic hormone that helps in penis growth and sexual performance boosting.

Reduced blood flow to the penis results in nutrient deprivation and improper erection.

Member XXL has vasodilation property, which helps in the dilation of the blood vessels to the penis for enhanced transportation of blood for a rock-hard erection.

What I like about this product

  • Safe, non-invasive, and side effects-free option for penis size enlargement both length and girth wise.
  • There are no side effects for this product because of the herbal nature of the ingredients.
  • The initial set of results arrives in just a couple of weeks, and one can attain an increment of up to 2 cm in this period.
  • The manufacturer guarantees a size increase of up to 9cms or 3.5 inches in just three months, which is far better than other options in the market.
  • Not just size increase, this product can also help in boosting the sexual libido as a perk.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

What I don’t like about this product

  • You can’t buy this product from offline shops (brick and mortar shops).
  • As per reviews, it might take longer than 3 months to get full potential (since all medicines work differently on different individuals).

2. PeniSize XL

penisize xl

Penisize XL is an herbal formulation prepared from top quality ingredients to non-invasively increase the penis size.

While the surgical option can only guarantee a 1 or 1.5-inch increment, this product assures a size difference of up to 3 inches if used as recommended.

TWC Holding LLC is the parent company based on the US that manufactures and markets this penis supplement.

Apart from enlargement, this supplement helps the user by creating a stronger erection and greater control over ejaculation for an extended action on the bed.

The unique formulation releases enough nitric oxide near the penis tissue sacs so that the blood flow inward is boosted, which ensures a stronger erection.

Also, the testosterone levels are improved with this product, which helps in increased sperm motility and sexual vigor.

Enhanced blood transportation to the penis expands the tissues, thus giving a size difference within a few weeks.

What I like about this product

  • Fast-acting and safe capsule formulation for naturally increasing the penis size by up to 3 inches.
  • The visible size change is seen from the very first use, thanks to the nitric oxide activity.
  • It helps to improve the quality of sex by increasing the sexual vigor, creating a rock hard & long-lasting erection, and enhanced libido.
  • The onset of the results can be seen as early as within 3 weeks of use, and the complete results will arrive in 2 ~ 3 months.
  • No side effects and adverse health impacts because of the herbal nature of the formulation.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied buyers.

What I don’t like about this product

  • You can’t find this product anywhere else expect on the official website.
  • The onset of action is comparably slower, but the results are guaranteed.

3. XtraSize


XtraSize is a state-of-the-art penis enhancement pill that can increase the size by up to 3 inches without any hassle.

Owned and managed by JPT Investment Partners Limited, this product is one of the most preferred penis enhancement pills in the market.

With one month of use, the company guarantees a 1-inch size difference, which can go up to 3 inches within 6 months.

Not just penis enlargement, intense orgasm, and enhanced libido are some of the perks of XtraSize pills.

This pill works by improving the absorbency of the corpora cavernosa (penis sacs), which is a balloon-like structure that gets filled by blood to create an erection.

The overall penile tissue health is also enhanced for more intense working, and with proper blood flow, faster cellular level rejuvenation takes place.

Unlike synthetic drugs like sildenafil and tadalafil, this product is side effect free and made of herbal ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Maca root, Saw Palmetto, etc.

What I like about this product

  • 100% organic, safe, and side effect free formulation made from plant products.
  • It improves libido and intensifies the orgasm due to the enhanced testosterone levels created by the pills.
  • 1-inch ~ 3-inches of guaranteed size gain with regular use of XtraSize pills.
  • Endorsed by Dr. Aaron Gale and other expert medical practitioners.
  • Manufactured and quality tested in a cGMP facility in the US to ensure international standards and safety.
  • 90 days return policy enables the money-back for unsatisfied customers.

What I don’t like about this product

  • You would only find this product on their official website for purchase, in an attempt to prevent knock-offs.
  • The complete result might take up to 6 months but guaranteed.

4. Natural XL

natural xl

Natural XL is a capsulized form of penis enlargement without the need for any invasive procedures or mechanical devices.

Not just penis enhancement, but this supplement is an answer for most of your sexual queries.

This product is manufactured and marketed by Dhamhill Corporation, which is one of the finest supplement companies in the segment.

It works in incrementing the size both lengthwise and girth wise, thus giving a thicker penis.

This supplement works using a bunch of herbal ingredients like Muira Puama, Yohimbe Bark, L-Arginine, etc.

Improving the blood circulation is how this capsule achieves its trademark effect, and it is made possible by increasing the nitric oxide activity on nerve endings located near penis tissue sacs.

With more blood flow, the penis can work in synchrony with the sexual tuning happening on the brain, thus boosting the overall vigor.

What I like about this product

  • Natural products made using a bunch of herbal extracts, which is traditionally used for addressing penis problems.
  • This product is 100% safe and organic in nature.
  • In-house scientists have tested the formulation clinically to deem it safe for human application.
  • Manufacturing is done in a cGMP facility, and quality control follows international standards to enable overseas trade.
  • The quick result with a noticeable change in very first use and the complete result within 2 ~ 3 months of continuous use.
  • Approved and certified by medical experts, but you don’t need a prescription to procure and use this product due to the herbal nature of the formulation.

What I don’t like about this product

  • You cannot buy this product from a brick and mortar store or any other shopping website. It is only sold through the official page.
  • This product lacks testosterone activity but has substantial nitric oxide enhancement property.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Do penis enlargement pills work?

Yes, penis enlargement pills are modern-day medical advancements, which enables a safe and surgery-free choice for increasing the size of the erection.

Most of them use herbal products as ingredients and uniquely combine them to enable penis increment.

The mode of working is simple, and straight forward, most of these supplement boosts the nitric oxide activity, which will enhance the blood flow into the penis tissue.

The testosterone is also increased, which helps in boosting the vigor and libido, thus correcting the brain to penis communication.

2. What results can I expect after using penis enlargement pills?

Some of the pills are good enough to invoke a response as soon as after the first use.

You will experience a solid and strong erection than your usual, which is a sign of powerful nitric oxide activity.

In the first few days, you can see that your sexual desire and vigor are increasing along with a solid erection.

Upon hitting 1 ~ 1.5-month mark, you can see that the penis might have achieved a 0.5-inches to 1-inch increment.

Once you complete the full course of the supplement, a size change varying from 1 to 3-inches will be seen in most users.

3. Are these results permanent?

The results could stay permanent, provided you use these pills on a continuous basis.

Here, no substitution or replacement is occurring like on chemical drugs; instead, supplementation is the mode of action.

Your penis gets all the vital nutrients required to function normally. When some of them are supplied in little excess, the effects are boosted.

So, the results could stay permanent if you tend to use it for an extended period of time.

4. Are these results permanent?

Yes, results are permanent because the size difference is brought in by an injury and repair mechanism of the body.

It can be more or less compared to the scar formation when you get an injury on your limbs.

Here instead of scars, the cell mass is aligned in the direction of microtears created in the penis.

This is a permanent cell addition that won’t disappear once you stop using the extender.

5. What ingredients should I look for?

Different manufacturers use different ingredients to trigger the same effect.

The fact is that most of these herbal ingredients are long used in traditional medicines like Ayurveda to treat many sexual disorders.

Still, some of them are very commonly used like Tribulus Terrestris, which is an excellent t-hormone booster.

Saw palmetto, L-Arginine, Citrulline, etc. are some of the ingredients that you might need to look for before purchasing a penis enlargement product.

6. What are the benefits of penis enlargement pills?

Penis enlargement pills are a safe, non-invasive, and effective solution for increasing the phallus size.

Not just that, they are often side effects free due to the herbal nature of the product, and the majority of them are classified as prescription-free health supplements.

They also help in improving the libido of the user apart from intensifying orgasm, preventing premature ejaculation, improving semen quality, boosting sperm motility, and lot more.

Compared to a surgical option, the working is a tad bit slow, but the user can keep track of the effects induced by the pill and plan the further course of action.

7. Who should buy penis enlargement pills?

In particular, people who often suffer from displeased sexual intercourse due to penis size problems can safely approach this option.

Apart from that, those people who need to upgrade their sexual pleasure to the next level can also use these pills.

It is right to call these enlargement pills an all-in-one package that can address multiple penis-related problems.

Those suffering from low sexual desire can start using these pills to feel the change within a couple of weeks.

If the penis enlargement pills have high nitric oxide activity, then even the patients with erectile dysfunction can take it to reverse the disorder.

8. Are penis enlargement pills safe?

Yes, they are 100% safe for penis enlargement application.

Firstly, they are prepared from herbal ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, etc.

Secondly, there is no chemically active substance present here, like on the therapeutic drug.

These two factors eliminate all kinds of side effects associated with regular supplement use, and also these penis enlargement pills do not use any synthetic steroids as well.

A thorough lab testing is done to clinically assess the safety of each of these products before releasing it into the market.

Also, top brands of penis enlargement pills will update their product every year based on newer scientific findings and population studies.

9. Do I need to exercise to make these pills work for me?

Exercising indeed improves the blood flow into the penis, and some specialized workouts for penis might enhance the efficacy of the pills as well.

General exercise is good for the body and mind. If you work out every day, the pills will properly disseminate in your body.

Some stroking exercises like Jelqing can help the penile tissue get more circulation, which would make the result arrive faster.

But for the pills to work as such, no exercise is required since they are efficient enough to work on all age category with or without any exercise.

10. Do penis enlargement pills cause any side effects?

No, these penis enlargement pills do not evoke any side effects.

The ingredients are the pillar stones of these products. Most of them are excellent herbal products used in traditional medicine.

Scientists carefully cherry-pick the best out of tradition, study it, and make a combination with similar products to boost the effect.

A series of clinical and lab studies are conducted before releasing these supplements for public use.

Also, the production occurs in a certified GMP facility under the supervision of experts to make these products as safe as possible.

11. What else I can do to increase my penis size?

Penis enlargement pills themselves are very effective in increasing penis size, apart from that mild exercise would help you improve the size.

Including a diet rich in magnesium, arginine, and vitamin B12 can help in nitric oxide activity.

Fruits like pomegranate and bananas, other foods like the oyster, beans, etc. can be included in the diet for increasing testosterone levels in the body.

Yoga or meditation is an excellent way to relax the body and make the mind stress free which helps in linearizing the brain to body communication for increased sexual activity.

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