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Best Methods To Improve Sexual Performance

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You can’t buy your sexuality with money; it has to be your hard work fueling it. Here are the best methods to improve sexual performance. Read and grow!

Male sexuality is an important feature that needs a top-up once in a while.

But most of us aren’t bothered about it and take it for granted, thinking sexuality is a never-ending elixir.

The market is filled with lots of male enhancement products, and the internet has all the information you need as well.

Sexual performance has various aspects like libido, orgasm, vigor, retention time, passion, stamina, and ejaculation.

Luckily science has a remedy to boost each of your sexual features to make you a complete man.

Enhancing all at once is difficult, and that is why we might need some supplements, about which we will see in this article as well.

So, without pouring more words, let us see some of the best methods to improve sexual performance.

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How to improve sexual performance?

male sexual enhancement

So, here are some of the ways you can improve your sexual performance. Not just your sexual health, but these things can help in your overall well being as well.

Mind what you eat

Food is an important parameter that can instantly decide if you are going to be a lazy sloth or a vicious tiger on the bed.

Limit lots of carbs, high fat, junk foods, and load more veggies & fruits to help your sexual metabolism rake up.

Onion & garlic is an excellent food to improve your blood circulation, and so does the potassium powerhouse banana.

Chilies, peppers, capsicum, etc. are good for lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation.


Stress has been identified as a significant reason for impotence and sexual dysfunction.

It is a kind of silent poison that is baked inside your mind and elevates into conditions like depression, anxiety disorder, and sexual dysfunction.

Practicing yoga, meditating, having some kind of physical activity, traveling, etc. can reduce your stress level and help to boost your sexual performance.

Smoking and alcohol have been found to indirectly trigger stress, which eventually would mess with your libido.


Melatonin, a hormone released by the brain to trigger sleep, is a big competitor against your sexual urge.

It is preferable to get more sunlight during morning or evening so the body would compensate by releasing more serotonin, which increases sexual urge.

It is essential during winter as the body would be in a natural state of rest and need some sunlight to kick start your desire.

Your partner matters!

Always have a clear conversation with your partner regarding your likes and dislikes. Similarly, respect their things too.

Sex shouldn’t be a one-way road, and you should be able to help your partner find the pleasure as well.

Usually, men get orgasm faster than women, whereas it takes a while for her to get the feel.

Make sure that you play your part in bed and give her the time and care she deserves.


If you need to tone your sexual performance, then your body and mind should be ready before that.

Daily exercise is a crucial thing for your sex life. Though it may not look that much, studies say physically active people tend to have a better and happier sex life.

At least 30 minutes jogging or an hour of walking will give you a healthy life, which is the key to better sex.

Or at least make sure you don’t spend your entire day on a couch or your office chair.

Non-vegetarian foods are essential

If you are vegan, then try to compensate for the below-mentioned nutrients from veggie counterparts or supplement capsules.

Omega-3-fatty acids, vitamin B1, egg proteins, etc. are very crucial for the nervous system and brain signaling.

Plus, meat (in general) is an excellent source to find some micronutrients that help in boosting testosterone levels.

Also, read meat, seafoods, poultry, etc. helps your metabolism maintain a proper balance between various hormones, which is necessary for sexual operations in your body.

Supplements are the key

You may not be able to fulfill all these requirements daily in this busy schedule and that is why you might need some sexual performance boosters.

Check some of the best in class sexual performance boosters on the market.

1. Semaxin


A one of kind of semen booster from Key Player Limited that gives an exceptional level of control over ejaculation and boosts the neve signaling for heightened orgasm.

2. Spermax Control

spermax control

This product has Ashwagandha, Asian ginseng, Brazilian ginseng, & L-arginine in it, which gives a retention time of up to 30 minutes.

3. Volume Pills

volume pills

Made by combining the best of best Chinese herbs, this product can help you increase the semen volume by a whopping 500% and improve sperm health as well.

4. Semenax


Made in cGMP facility of Leading Edge Health, this product contains extracts of Swedish flower and helps you maintain a long-lasting vigor and increased semen volume.

5. RizerXL

rizer xl

This all-in-one product helps you boost the libido, heighten the orgasm, increase the testosterone level & increase ejaculation load with its dozen long ingredient mixture.

6. Max Performer

max performer

A comprehensive performance booster from Silver Blade Nutrition, this product has its effect on various sexual features like libido, orgasm, erection, and testosterone levels.

7. Testogen


A steroid-free performance booster that can shoot the levels of testosterone naturally with the help of ingredients like Bioperine, zinc, vitamin B6, etc. and help you boost your sexual performance.


If you want to improve your sexual performance, you need to find some time dedicated to fueling it or else, at least find a better supplement like the one on our list.

Still, exercise, meditation, proper sleep, a decent level of understating with your partner, etc. need to come from you.

You don’t get sexuality in a capsule, it’s a magic or a blessing that you need to water every day.

Just follow the simple tips above, find a suitable supplement, and the rest is guaranteed.

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