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Best Foods For Penis Enlargement: Are They Really Works?

  Autor: Lukas Weier

Bigger penis always wins the like of your partner in bed, and here some of the best foods for penis enlargement. Learn more about it here, happy reading.

Do you know that penis size, even though it is genetic, can be varied if you can tweak somethings in life?

Food is one major factor, and this article is all about some of the best foods for penis enlargement.

All you need to do is find a method to increase penis size, include some of the superfoods in the list below, and hope for the best!

It is often that simple, but people neglect it and tend to go with expensive treatment choices for penis enlargement.

So, without further ado, let us jump into the crux of this article and explore some of the foods.

How foods help to increase penis size?

Food doesn’t directly increase your penis size, but it can channel all factors that favor penis size increment.

For example, if you’re someone who is walking into their adulthood, getting a diet rich in nitrates can help you improve the actual penis size.

When you eat foods that promote testosterone and HGH production, you will have better chances of getting a 6-inch penis.

The penis is more like a muscle, and if you give enough workout, it could significantly increase the actual size by a few centimeters.

Imagine you are someone who is using some a penis extender. Changing your diet to include some veggies, beans, fruits, etc. might help you speed up the process.

What are some of the ingredients necessary for penis enlargement?

penis enlargement

Basically, penis enlargement is all about enhanced nitric oxide activity, increased testosterone, and HGH levels.

Nitrates can be easily converted to nitric oxide. Green & leafy veggies are the best choice for nitrates.

You need some antioxidants to stabilize the nitric oxide compound, which can be taken care of by vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols, and glutathione.

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are nutrients that are precursors for nitric oxide in the body. Mostly they are found in all protein-rich foods.

Vitamin D and Zinc are the two most essential nutrients needed for testosterone production. At the same time, glutamine, creatine, ornithine, glycine, etc. are crucial to HGH biosynthesis.

Best foods for penis enlargement

Here are some of the best foods to help you with penis enlargement:


Coffee has caffeine, which can enhance the blood flow into the penis tissues by relaxing the arteries and muscles.

Frequent coffee drinkers have reduced risk of erectile dysfunction because of improved blood blow.

When the erection becomes more durable, the tissue expands to its full capacity, thus giving you a significant change in erection length.


This fruit is loaded with all vital fatty acids, potassium, and vitamins that are necessary for penile lengthening.

It is rich in vitamin E and Zinc, both of which are crucial for increasing sexual functions like libido, sperm health, and erection.

If you consume avocado regularly, the free testosterone levels in the blood increase, which can promote penis enlargement.


There is nothing better than carrots to increase men’s fertility, and it is one of the superfoods for sperm health.

The carotenoids in this veggie increase the sperm motility and count, which, when combined with the t-boosting capability, will help in size increment.

Having carrot juice daily can help in maintaining the testosterone levels in the blood.


Rich in folates, spinach is a must include food in your diet, which has several sexual benefits other than size increment.

It is a powerhouse of magnesium, which is a crucial compound necessary for testosterone boosting.

Regular spinach eaters often get a firm erection, above-average penis size, and increased testosterone activity.


In general, all meat products are an easy source of various amino acids, fatty acids, and the necessary nutrients that your body needs.

But, in particular, beef promotes L-ornithine secretion, which can increase the HGH secretion, thus promoting penis growth and testosterone secretion.

When these two hormones are high, you can give some manual exercise or use an extender to increase penis size more effectively.

An easy alternative: natural supplements

Natural supplements (penis enlargement pills) are organic products made by combining herbs, plant extracts, dairy, and animal products.

These supplements are generally safe and don’t possess any side-effects or other harmful conditions, even when used for an extended period without supervision.

Let us some of the best penis enlargement pills in the market:

1. Member XXL

member xxl

You can get an easy 2 cm increment in just a few days and a complete 9 cm of size change within 3 months of using this product. This herbal formulation also has potent nitric oxide activity as well.

2. PeniSize XL

penisize xl

The manufacturers guarantee a 0.5 ~ 1.5 inches of size change using this product. It has superior testosterone capability and a bunch of other sexual performance benefits for regular users.

3. XtraSize


This here is a great penis pill that can give you up to 3 inches of size change when used for a long time. It comes from a cGMP facility approved by FDA and uses 100% herbal ingredients.

4. Natural XL

natural xl

One of the naturally acting pills and this pill guarantees a decent size change in 2-3 months of regular use. It uses medical-grade ingredients and features a strong nitric oxide activity.


Diet is always a crucial factor in deciding lots of bodily functions, and the same is true in the case of penis size as well.

If you need a build a monster profile for your penis, then start including some of the foods mentioned above in your daily diet.

Vitamin D, C, & B, fatty acids, L-arginine, L-citrulline, magnesium, zinc, etc. are some of the vital nutrients that you need to inculcate in your diet.

If going natural isn’t an option for you, then natural supplements from top brands like the ones on our list can be used to speed up the supplementation process.

Also, don’t forget to give some action to your penis because the diet is only one side of the coin.